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I need some sheet music of Eric Carmen.

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My 6 years old son Joyoung love to play piano. He can play three Eric great songs: All by myself/Never gonna fall in love again/Let's pretend. He wants to play more Eric songs. Could anyone be kind to e-mail us some Eric other sheet music such as I'm through with love/The way we used to be/She remembered/After you/Foolin myself? He loves every Eric songs since he was a baby.

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Don't believe they ever released sheet music for the songs you are looking for. You might want to check one of the guitar tab sites for the chords, but not sure if you will find any of these piano driven songs there.

I think Eric's first three albums and first three Raspberries albums were released on sheet music but no others, even though you can find invididuals for "Overnight Sensation", "Born To Love You", and a few stragglers.

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This is what I have:


Boats Against the Current

Raspberries Side 3

Sheet music:

I Was Born To Love You

Never Gonna Fall In Love Again

I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips

Change of Heart

I Wana Be With You

Let's Pretend

Either PM me or email me at novembergal1117@aol.com, tell me what you want, include your full name and address, I'll make copies and send them out to you by the end of this coming week.

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