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Coming Back...


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Welcome back Eric!!!!!!!!!!!!

At times like this when I am filled with emotion, it's difficult to think of something intelligent to say.

Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but "I can remember" sometimes I was "hurting so badly that I thought I would die."

You know you have been missed!!!

I hope 11/11/11 will be lucky for you!

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"divorce court"??

Is it okay to swear in these postings?

Well, I'm going to anyway...Oh f**k.

There have been enough threads in this community about divorces to write 100 books, but none of them capture the gut-wrenching, heart breaking toll it takes on everyone. Hang in there Eric. We'll be right here for ya.


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Eric Carmen said:

Hi everyone. Sorry for not being around much. I've been bogged down with divorce court, attorneys and taking good care of my kids. It's been a trying time, but I can see light at the end of the tunnel, and I think things are going to work out fine.

glad to see you found your password!

hate to hear all that, divorce is such a sad thing..but yes there is always a light at the end of the tunnel....so "reach for the light"..and best of luck to you.

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Divorce is never easy...I know, I've been through two and I have no plans to go through that again. I am so glad that things are finally winding down for you and I have no doubt that you are an excellent father. God Bless you and your children and may the road ahead be paved with peace and happiness. Your absence is understandable, we missed you and we are glad that you are back!

You Rock!


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Welcome back, Eric. So good to see you posting again. Divorse is a nasty thing, never been through it myself, but my brother and sister have been, so I know how hard it is, especially when there are children involved. I know you are a wonderful Dad, and hang in there. God bless you all and I pray all works out OK for you and your family. smile That smile is because I am glad you are back with us again, as I'm sure EVERYONE on the boards are as well!!!

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