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Coming Back...


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blackhawkpat said:

How smoking HOT would this board get if he did respond and said, "coming back? My new CD drops next week and my world tour starts in three weeks. Anyone coming?"

I like it, Pat. Even a one-off show in Cleveland (on a weekend with no snow in the forecast) would be most welcome news.... Or, even a new entry in "Eric's Book Club" here at EC.com would be fun.

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He may just read. I know he used to read all of our posts. And he has an absolutely amazing memory. He could tell people exactly what they posted the day he met them, and he often did!

He is at the top of my list of intelligent, gifted and extremely interesting people I've known. Hopefully, he'll come back sometime in the near future.

Meanwhile, wishing him beautiful light blue days.


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You guys won't believe this, but I think I had the same dream as Andie!..

Except I was with Hillary when we ran into Andie and Eric. The dream got messy though. Gosh. It did.

Here's how it went down:

When Eric saw Hillary, he couldn't help himself and started flirting with her (this is understandable, males are human and Hillary is, well,... :heartpump:)

Anyway, when Eric started flirting with Hillary Andie got pissed!!... Andie scares me :D

.... when she gets pissed. She does.

So.. Andie went after Hillary and it was a TERRIBLE ruckus.

Hillary slapped at Andie, then Andie threw Hillary on the ground. Then they commenced to tearing at each others' clothes. This part was the best...

... especially when Hillary's blouse got torn off!.... :heartpump:

Well, anyway, unfortunately that's when I woke up. Jeez, I'm sure it got better but I missed it!


Oh well,



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Aventurine said it perfectly, Andiemay!

And James, you obviously dream in technicolor. My debauched twin brother Tony would have loved to have been in your dream.

And Wendy, indeed Eric is fascinating and unique. Perfect description. He has had me mesmerized during every conversation with him, and I miss his participation here immensely.

Come back, Eric.


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