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Have you forgot the benefits??

For one, once you get married, you never have to think for yourself again!..



Well...it's a fact. Some women just give others a bad rap.

However, many of us are the ones to pick. Because throughout a marriage or when divorcing, we are wonderfully fair during both and are proud to say so! wink

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Yet Tunes, if you tied the knot again, I bet you'd tell us all, right? So could it be Bundles (and Diane)? Blackhawk Pat? Marlene? Raspberry Wine? Paul-Maul? Hmmm....

I love a good mystery.... When will the answer be revealed?

I guess Eric and Andie heartpump

They have gone to travel on a honeymoon.

It is the reason two persons are not here recently. grinspin

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I guess Eric and Andie heartpump

They have gone to travel on a honeymoon.

It is the reason two persons are not here recently. grinspin

Hi Aventurine! Nice to see you post here. You're a great friend, and I hope you're doing well.

I think if Eric and AndieMay ran off together, well, there would be some broken hearts here, right? (Men and women!) haha

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I'll guess, Bernie. A man who deserves bliss. I noticed he was gone for a few days, but maybe he wasn't online.

It's not me, yet. I am learning portuguese, along with spanish that I speak more of, usually.

I just sent mine some money, recently. I paid for her schooling. Hey, I sing really well, so I definitely will sing some songs next year. I can do Frank Sinatra's voice exceptionally well, I have been told. And when you sing his songs, people really expect quality. I'll learn a rock song of Eric's or The Raspberries, and see if I can do a big band sound by slowing it down. A reinterpretation of one of his songs. Or one of Paul McCartney's songs, accapella (without music, for a few measures). Paul Anka's "She's A Lady":

Well, she's all you'd ever want

She's the kind men like to flaunt

And take to dinner

She always knows the place

She's got style; full of grace

She's a winner

(Bridge of song):

She never asks for very much

And I don't confuse her

I always treat her with respect

And I don't abuse her

What she's got is hard to find

-I don't want to lose her

Help me build a mountain

From a little bit of clay, Hey-hey-Hey

What's that song that Frank Sinatra sings?- "The Second Time Around". I have to buy that song this weekend. I'll add more words when I hear it. And his song, "All The Way".

Love is better, The Second Time you fall..

When somebody needs you,

It's no good unless she needs you

All The Way....

Taller than the tallest tree is

That's how it's Got to be

Deeper than the deep blue sea is

That how love should be,...

If it's real

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If I was married to Wendy, with her flair for constant fashion changes and mood swings, it would be like I'm sleeping with a different woman every week...That might work! cool

LOL---Shoot, every week? More like...everyday! spin And...I think I'm gonna get a wig or two just to get even crazier with my hormones! :twitch:

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It's not me. I wouldn't get married without running it by my favorite TUNESETTES. As for who did get married, I repeat "It's not for me to say." and apparently the person who dod get married hasn't been on the board since I first started the thread. Perhaps he/she is on his/her Honeymoon.

"Got Matrimony?" smile

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