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I'm guessing Bernie. I haven't seen him on in a few days, and I think Eric congratulated him some months ago on finding happiness.... or something like that.

Plus the only clue we have is that the member who got married is loved by all....and Bernie fits that bill!..


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Macca is Paul McCartney, and I did see that he was getting married, but it was kind of secretive and I don't know if it happened yet. So maybe Bernie is indeed a good guess. Unless, as somebody guessed, Tunes is being slyly self-congratulatory. Yet Tunes, if you tied the knot again, I bet you'd tell us all, right? So could it be Bundles (and Diane)? Blackhawk Pat? Marlene? Raspberry Wine? Paul-Maul? Hmmm....

I love a good mystery.... When will the answer be revealed?

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I think Lew got married a while back, at least I think it was reported here that that was the case.

Though I guess it's possible that the new Lewisa read one of my posts, got excited (there's precedent here) , threw rocks at Lew....and joined The James Harem (I don't know the background of all The James Harem members)...

This is possible.

I don't know, but maybe Lew IS taking another shot. If so Lew, keep her away from me, we don't want rocks thrown at you anymore, we're your friend.


I'll stick with my Bernie guess though.


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