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Take a Breath of that Fresh Air

marathon mama

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With the cooler weather approaching, now is the best time to take walks through the woods, for foliage and fresh air. Anyone have any interesting experiences to share?

My husband and I were walking through a secluded trail in the rain and heard scuffling in the trees and large bushes beside us. We couldn't see anything moving, but the thing that was making that sound was clearly alive. I wasn't sure if we could figure how big it was, but I was hoping it was just a chipmunk or other small animal. When we finally located where the sound was coming from I got nervous since my husband said there had been bear sightings in these woods. We started to walk more quickly but the animal got closer and closer, until, it came out in the open and we saw that it was just a dog, wearing a raincoat, followed by its master shortly behind. We were relieved, but felt a little silly.

I was reading the conversation from last night in the shout box about cats and dogs and strollers and raincoats and that's what reminded me of my story. I couldn't resist posting some pictures I found on the web:

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