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How I Spent My Summer


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I believe she started with "I would hope".....or something along that line....Which is assuming & accusing nothing.

This is a very sensitive subject that most people would immediately apply to their own experience..Human nature.

Dave himself said "No worries"

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Belle, Do you have first hand knowledge that Lobster's Ex is a fulltime Mom and does not work? I hope so.

I never said she didn't work but maybe you aren't aware that even at work one is a full time mom or dad, especially if one has custudy.

I've always been so impressed with how sensitive you are about other's feelings and how carefully you choose your words so as not to offend. Perhaps I can learn something from your sterling example. LOL

Can we put this all behind us now? Really?


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She didn't "spout off"

She voiced a concern because of what she had experienced....& she never once questioned your parenting skills.

Everyone is just sensitive about this & rightfully so....

Dave seems to have a great sense of fun & sense of humor

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Don't try and pin this on me, you're the one that spouted off about Dave, without knowing what you were talking about. I just called you on it. Next time send a pm.

PS, you're not the only person who been through a divorce...don't lecture me on points of parenting...please.

Okay. I'm through teasing the bull. I'm done with this.


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Hey, Dave. I'm sorry for all the problems you went through, but what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. And so you are.

Tracy has it exactly right: If your ex is bitter, then her life is her punishment. And she will be miserable no matter what.

You showed that you can literally make lemonade out of the lemons life (or your ex-wife) hurls at you and sweeten up your own life with the love you share.

As the Beatles sang, "in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." And you showed that the best things in life WILL come our way if we don't let the problems weigh us down.

Congratulations on your new job offer! Everything happens for a reason. And like your misery before you met your beautiful new wife, the problems are only a preface to real happiness.

You've proved twice now that however dark it may seem, good things are just around the corner.

ENJOY!!! Living well is indeed the best revenge.

:)--Love, Dar

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