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How I Spent My Summer


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I always thought the summer of '72 would be my most memorable. I was wrong. The summer of '11 has it beat by a mile.

Now that it's officially autumn, let's re-cap:

I spent the summer unemployed.

I was considered for over 20 jobs.

I was too old or too 'old school' or over qualified for all of them.

I spent half the summer away from my wife.

She works in Maine...we live in New Jersey.

I spent over 150 hours on Route 95.

I got two flat tires.

I ran out of money.

I filed for bankruptcy.

I fell into the arrears on my alimony and child support.

My ex showed no mercy.

She had my license suspended.

She had me arrested.




Put in jail.

I paid fine and got released.

I'm still out of money.

But my new wife isn't!!!

So...we went to a lesbian wedding in Hawaii !

We went to San Francisco...Muir Woods...hiked the Tennessee Valley.

We spent several wonderful weekends in Maine.

We consumed dozens of lobster rolls.

We bbque'ed with friends.

We spent every moment we could with my daughters.

We laughed.

We watched the sun come up.

We went to a Red Sox game at Fenway.

We drank red wine.

We loved.

We lived every moment like it was 1972.

And yesterday (on the last full day of the summer) I got a job offer.

Here's a happy little 2:16 song that fits how I'm feeling.


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My life is boring as hell!!!!

Living every moment to the fullest is a good thing.

(The handcuffed & finger printed ...not so much...But it didn't seem to steal away your sense of fun!)

Congrats on the Job offer! laugh

(I really enjoyed this post!)

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I never said she wasn't smile She seems nasty!

But she was sitting around wringing her hands & being pissed off, while he had moved on & was drinking wine & laughing ...

AGAIN....Living well is the best revenge smile

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Gee Lobster guy, I hope you and your wife were able to help out with the child support and that your kids had a decent summer too. Please say you contributed to their welfare. I want to not feel you were living it up and gloating over your ex-wife's frustration while your kids were doing without the necessities or niceties.

Sorry if this sounds harsh, but your not acknowledging that you ex is a full time mother and your kids need support bothered me.


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Glad to read your life is moving in the right direction.

Support cases can drive anyone crazy, there are so many double standards. When I first got divorced many moons ago, I not only paid the required amount for child support, I always bought above and beyond the "extras" for the kids that my ex was supposed to pay for, but wouldn't, even though we had them the same amount of time. My job transferred me from Chicago to Highland, Indiana and as part of me going, they agreed to pay for all of the tolls I would have to pay and gave me additional gas money. When my ex found that out, she took me to court to get half of the toll and gas money, and incredibly, she got it!

I went broke getting full custody (didn't care, it was worth it!) and actually still had to pay her support for one full year AFTER I had custody as part of the deal! The day I won, she quit her six figure job to go back to college, so she would not have to pay us and that was considered okay.

Had I quit my job, I'd have been in jail.

Best wishes going forward!

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Lobsterlvr, how fortunate you are to have such good friends of integrity to vouch for your character - I mean that sincerely.

Perhaps you were so angry with your exwife's efforts to make your life miserable and so delighted with your success at deflecting those efforts that you forgot to mention your (and your wife's) efforts on behalf of the kids.

Frankly, it seemed a little crass to me and I was agitated a bit but that is my fault for reading that into your remarks.

It seems that more than a few of us here have been injured emotionally and financially by an ex.


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"Have you ever spent time in the Cooler"?

Who died & made you Steve McQueen?

(I'm spending the next 4 days with my in-laws....Does that count?)

I was trying to put a positive spin on a negative situation...

There's a happy side to that post too.....

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A little clarification...and an example of how f'ed up the whole system is: As I was running out of money I made sure to pay child support IN FULL. And I still am. My daughter's welfare is MY biggest concern. And, I knew that failure to pay child support could get me locked up. (BTW, my daughter is 20, is a full time college student junior and hasn't lived at home for two years....but the courts still think child support should go directly to the custodial parent.)

Unfortunately, I was unable to pay anything towards alimony.

So let's pretend (for simple math) I pay $400 a month in Child Support, and $2000 a month in alimony.

When I went to court I discovered that the lovely state of NJ did NOT to allocate my full $400 to child support, but instead allocated $100 to child support and $300 towards alimony!!! So suddenly I was in the arrears on BOTH!!!

Oh, and in case your wondering, my ex works in healthcare and makes close to six figures.

For all of you who know me, thanks for your support.

For everyone who's just getting to know me thru this thread, I hope this clears things up.


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