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If You Change Your Mind - blurry video will tell

marathon mama

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I had to rush out the door right after I finished posting the link and never got a chance to write my comments.

When I read the article I was surprised by how far science has gotten with mind-reading. If these brain scanning machines are safe, then they should be used to aid detectives when interrogating criminals.

A few years ago I walked by a marketing exhibit at which people were lined up to try out a "mind-reading" device. I thought how cool it would be to have my mind read, but my friend and I decided to pass it up (since the staff said that we would have to wear electrodes and they would scan our brain cells.) I felt it wasn't worth the risk of adverse side effects, especially if the devices were still undergoing research. I feel the risk has to be justified, like if someone needs a brain scan for medical reasons.

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