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"Autumn Leaves"


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Folks have SO many different feelings about the onset of Autumn....end of summer...beginning of school...colder weather....some beautiful weather...beautiful colors.... ...Halloween....Thanksgiving....How do you guys feel about Autumn...?

I'm a teacher...so here's a an audio-visual to begin the "Critical Thinking Exercise" for today's session.

Looking forward to seeing some of you next weekend at THe Union County Music fest in beautiful Clark New Jersey.

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Dave...I LOVE "Forever Autumn"...I spent a year in Israel...'78-79...and this tune was MUCH huger in Asia and Europe than in the USA...perhaps 'cause it was during the time "The Moody Blues" broke up...and this offshoot by Justin Hayward for some kinda "War Of the Worlds" project...didn't get the radio play this Titanic Tune deserved....


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I'm now officially gonna talk outa 2 sides of my mouth.

Side-1...I'm still curious to read some of your thoughts and feelings about Autumn and we've been talkin' and uploading music.

Side-2...I'm gonna upload another video which means I"M contradicting what the first side of my mouth JUST said.

In addition...this cute "Pop"-py song by Gary Lewis...is actually about a girl named Autumn...and therefore doesn't belong on this thread in the first place...but I like it...and it's a Beach Boys' rip-off...and that's always a good thing IMHO!

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