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There have been plenty of QUIET TIMES since I started this website waaaaay back in 1997. The silence was fortunately interrupted when Eric announced he was working on WINTER DREAMS. Then more quiet, followed by an announcement that he was playing a ONE TIME solo concert at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Then more quiet. Then the publication of "Marathon Man." Then more quiet. Then the Raspberries reunion! And now...

Who knows what's next? Wondering what is what keeps me coming back!



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For me, this was the start of a very illuminating period that continued for a few years and was really the best of times- here is the post that started the daily communique with Eric some 5 years ago:

I sure had fun Saturday night hangin' out with Bernie and Kathy! We had dinner, drove to the Beachland Ballroom (my first time there, by the way) and listened to the Choir play songs that I heard the first time I heard them, probably 1966 or 67. On the way home, Bernie asked me what I saw in them, all those years ago that made me want to join their band. I've been thinking about it for a couple of days now and I think I've got the answer. I've always been a very visual kind of guy. Not in the sense of seeing with my eyes (which aren't that great) but in the sense of seeing things in my mind's eye. When I looked at the stage that night in 1967, I saw me standing in between Wally and Dave and I felt a little surge of energy that told me that could be a really exciting band. I didn't know them at the time and I had no way of meeting them, but I filed thatl image away somewhere. I went back to Lyndurst that night thinking about what I had just seen and heard. I saw the POSSIBILITIES. That's what it was. I could see me in their band and I could see us MAKING IT. There were other bands in town, even some pretty cool one ( a group called Kicks Inc. comes to mind) but I never really visually could see me in them. The Choir was different. I "KNEW" that could work. I'm a big believer in the power of positive thinking. And visualization. I think one of the reasons Cyrus Erie was such a great cover band (and we were) was because when we played a a song by the Who, I didn't try to sing like Roger Daltrey, I WAS Roger Daltrey. And Wally WAS Pete Townshend. and when we played the Abbey Road medley that starts with Golden Slumbers, I saw Paul in my mind and, in that moment, I WAS Paul. It took a couple of years and a few twists of fate, but eventually I was standing up there between Wally and Dave. And it did work. And (at least for a little while) we DID make it. We fell a little short of my dream of becoming the next Beatles and being a force for good in universe, but in our own little way, we did make a difference. So Bernie, there's your answer, and for everyone else, this is officially my first post. How'd I do? Eric

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I think the popularity of facebook has hurt all message boards. There is a lot of fun music talk, along with discussions of current events happening all of the time.

This message board, being organized around a particular topic, draws anyone with interest in that topic. While facebook does in theory allow for a similar setup, its primary organization is based on friends, not any topic. There are maybe two people on this forum I consider myself friendly enough with to friend on facebook.

When you try to use it as a topic-based forum, facebook comes of as very awkward and totally ill-suited to me.

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I go hot and cold on the dynamics and goings on here (more often than not hot). Sometimes I'm not into it.

Having said that, on balance I doubt there's a better web community out there.

I don't frequent any other sites or FB etc, but I'd put my money on this site being up there with the very best, if not THE best community on the internet.


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Well, you're right Tony. You are.

Though I've taken action on that front. I have.

The reason I've been so busy lately is that I've been out touring my latest poem (you know it, you guys got to see it first...the Paris Hilton poem - a classic).


The tour is going well. I'm giving the fans a reading of not only the Paris Hilton poem, but some oldies but goodies (Hillary inspired poems, librarian chick poems, Flo (from the sitcom Alice) poems, etc. etc. etc.

The tour has been grueling, but worth it. The fans really dig me.

The best show of them all was one I did for the LCAHT (Library Chicks are Horny Too) Convention. It was great, librarian chicks are wild. In fact by the time the show was over, 100 pair of librarian chick eye glasses were thrown up on stage!

I couldn't keep them all so I donated them to Coca cola who is going to use the librarian chick eye glasses for the bottoms of coke bottles. I feel so good and Green for having contributed to environmental responsibility.

Anyway, that's what's been up with me.

Your guys friend,


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