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Rachan said:

I gave many options!!!!!

If you think about it, there were very few people who chimed in on the "controversial" threads. Most people don't jump in on the arguements.

One of the coolest shows of the year - The show featuring Wally Bryson and friends at The Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland - is being ignored by most. This is THE type of event that should get people excited because it involves former Raspberries along with other great musicians. I will be there, and I know at least 4 or 5 other board members will be attending.

I think the popularity of facebook has hurt all message boards. There is a lot of fun music talk, along with discussions of current events happening all of the time.

The message board will get hopping again when Eric announces the long awaited solo gig with an orchestra! :)


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I've been asking myself why I'm not experiencing the comfortable feeling I used to have when I frequently visited this site. This used to be "home".

In an old thread I posted here a few months ago, titled "EC Cyber-Family", I explained the comfort, laughter, and all around enjoyment I've experienced when I visited here throughout the years, before I registered. During times of turmoil in my life, I've always come here to temporarily escape personal family problems. Simply just to relax and to clear my head, so I could continue to be the "strong one" my family turned to for help. Everyone needs an outlet to release stress. Some read, some gamble, some exercise...I think you know what I'm saying. My release has been ec.com. Having said that...

On August 17, my brother was hospitalized after suffering a heart attack. He is my only living sibling, and I was very upset and very scared. I needed an emotional outlet badly, so I could be the "strong one" for his wife and kids. My first thought was to come here to my "EC family", and make a post about my brother and how scared I was. Sadly, I didn't feel comfortable posting about it here. Just 6 months ago I would have.

Tracy was there for me in our PM's, as always... :wub:

I found myself turning to my FB page, and posting about my brother's condition there. The members here who are also my FB friends saw my post, and gave me the emotional support and prayers I needed. Thank You my friends! :P

At the same time this was happening...

I read on FB that Miriam was in the hospital. I experienced a great deal of trepidation on whether to make a post here about her hospital admittance. I was afraid I'd be perceived as overstepping my bounds, and fully expected to be slammed for it. I even did a coin toss to decide whether to post TJ's photo.

Thank you Miriam, for giving me your approval. So good to have you back here, and as my FB friend!

I've been posting G or PG rated one-liner jokes daily on my FB page, and they seem to be becoming popular with my friends there, which makes me very happy because I LOVE to make people laugh. I've become too reluctant to post any here, because I've come to expect to be slammed, or I'll just be censored and they will be deleted (even in Cartoon World).

I can't speak for the others who's visits and posts here have diminished, but for me...I've become way too uncomfortable and paranoid.

I will continue to visit regularly, as my love for this site runs very deeply. I really hate the thought of this site dying... :(


This site will perk up dramatically....WHEN ERIC RETURNS AND STARTS POSTING AGAIN!!!!!!!! :)

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I could be wrong... been known to be wrong occasionally, just ask my fellow posters at the "Baseball As I See It" thread... but...

I don't think th site is in danger of "dying"... there are occasional ebbs and flows with any site like this one. We're not a "Facebook" even though we consider outselves a family... FB is thriving because people know they can find their long lost cousins, their former flames, old classmates and the like there, in one place.

Only the closest of close friends and family would likely know to find us here. And though we have a tight core, there is that "ebb and flow" thing... more noticable in a smaller community.

Add to the fact that we are at a seasonal change... kids back to school and the like... We've just come through a series of storms and such that affeted some of our east-coast friends... Personally, I've been fignting with the internet for almost a week now; the apartment I live in has lost its service and the repair guy is due there today... I hope... as I am sitting in a nearby "cafe" trying to catch up here and at my photo-site... it's hard to upload the size photo's like to with a limited siignal!

And to add fuel to the controversy fire... cankles... ugh... and since we're at "that end of the body"... is there anything more disgusting than seeing a girl walking into a public restroom barefoot? *shudder*... (I know, it's as disgusting for a guy too, but... I'm not "checking out" the guys! :blink:

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