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This is why heavy people have such a hard time..Yikes...yes maybe but the other ways to look at it are..yes exersize for her..she's really putting herself out there..and yes maybe a little tight for the kid...but here is a parent taking her child with her, bonding...and maybe trying to set a better example by exersizing.. Bravo for her if she is trying to get on the right track.

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Val! smile Ya know I love ya...

I'm going to play devils advocate here,only because I know that Kim doesn't have a mean bone in her body & just thought it was a funny picture!(I did too)

I'm all for people making an effort to stay in shape! Kim is the same. It's hard!!!

My one very close friend & my sister have Always struggled with their weight..& are always on the defensive about it. I have always been their biggest cheerleader.

BUT...if I were going to play junior detective here....The fact that she is wearing virtually slippers... & the Biggest clue...the bag clutched in her left hand . She's someone without a car going shopping for groceries...

No big fitness effort or family bonding

Just my read .....(now that I have stripped all of the humor from the photo....which was pretty funny.....)

(I still love ya & want your damn Rapunzel like hair!!)

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"Damn kid was the cause of all this baby weight, Damn kid's gonna' suffer with Mommy trying to burn it off...Just keep your head to the side and breathe, you little brat! And be thankful you have an extra-large "airbag" for when we hit the curb at the (Super Size Big Mac Value Meal, please) McDonald's drive-thru!"

Errr, I mean...Good for her for trying to get back in shape and bonding with her kid, yes!

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For all we know, this lady could be the best mommy there is and a wonderful wife to her husband. We don't even know her, and here we are, criticizing her simply because of her weight. Some of the nicest people I know are overweight, but go out of their way to help someone else. Just my own little opinion here! arrgh

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