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We could openly share our dysfunctional stories Kim! (although that may cause people to avoid us)

More people need to know of the "Great Spatula fight of 73" & The drawer that housed your phonebook laugh

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Ah, yes... the chatroom !! It was a weekly meet-up. We had some good times in that chatroom. "What happened in the chat room, stayed in the chat room". My lips are sealed !! wink

There were the scheduled chats... but sometimes you'd find four or five of us in there in the wee hours of the morning... You really never knew who might show up; Eric popped in a couple of times even... Of course I'm talking back in '06 or so... the late SugarBabi was a fixture there; as were a couple of others who are no longer part of us, for one reason or another...

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Hi SOL!!

I've been here on & off all night. I didn't realize you were here too!! Nuts!! frown

thats ok....was up all nite cooking for these nuts who thought it would

be a good idea to have a cookout in the middle of a freakin monsoon crazy

god does answer prayers...he did send me rain, but apparently didnt hear the part of my prayer about keeping the pesky guests away...LOL

catch ya next time maybe cool

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We had some really super fantastic chats in the wee hours of the morning way back when. All the night owls would congregate. smile Since the website was remodelled, I no longer even see a chat button. There must be a good reason Bernie dismantled it. I have no idea because I haven't been in the chat room in years.

When it was operational, a few years ago, I would go in and no one else would enter, so I gave up. There were some cool nights in chat that will live in my mind (and heart) forever...


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I remember when they would schedule a night, though, it would get pretty crowded in there, sometimes, even with the site's namesake joining in the fun.

When we do our fantasy drafts, there is a live chat box, and lemme say our EC'ers are still quick witted, even though we are out of practice from the chat room. My biggest weakness is being lured in for the joke and not studying the player enough when it's my turn. Sometimes, I think they set me up! LOL

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