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Great Expectations


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You know, I asked him that on here a few years ago and I can't for the life of me remember what he said. It was something to do with a WC Fields quote, I think, something like "little angels", maybe? I always thought he said "boy, you sound like Lou Reed" LOL

Bernie will know, or at least, know where to find the link.

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Welcome boxingclever! smile

I remember when blackhawkpat asked Eric that question. I can't remember the answer either, although "little angels" does sound familiar. I spent about an hour tonight looking through Eric's past posts trying to find it. No luck yet, but there are thousands of Eric's posts to go through. Entertaining reading, if you are bored and looking for something to do. Meanwhile, I'll continue to look for it.

Again, welcome to a very loving and a tad nutty "family"!


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Here you go:

I was kind of going for W.C. Fields. "Aww, you sound like little angels...." I think Jimmy told me to say that.

That line WAS about "Hit Record" and the little harmonica break was something my Mom used to play on the piano.

I think the lyric in the bridge was inspired, if I do say so myself. It was Forrest Gump's philosophy, before Forrest Gump!

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The first Eric Carmen album is a melodic masterpiece. If you rate an album based on melody quality, Eric's first album is probably the best (for me) off alltime. That's no exaggeration.

Eric Carmen is so underrated.

"MainCourse" is also a melodic masterpiece (it's also the best of alltime!..)..


"Don't Shoot Me" is up there too for great melodies. It's wall to wall great.


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