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The Beach Boys Long Lost Album


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While I will undoubtedly get this, I can't help but wonder if it's going to be a letdown or anti-climax.....between (1) the fact that what we're getting is actually the SMILE sessions, and not the finished album (or, in many cases, even finished songs), as it was intended in '66/'67, and (2) the fact that I suspect all of these sessions have been bootlegged to Hell and back, in dozens of variations. (And I have most of them.)

Per Brian, the sessions as they exist made no sense to him back then, as far as assembling a coherent album - one of the main reasons he threw in the towel instead of assembling and releasing it. (The other reasons being his fragile mental state at the time, and vehement objections by several of the band members.)

He only recently put together a (his) version of SMILE which he and his band recorded and released in 2004, and he's stated that, to him, that's the definitive version of the album.

I'm sure these finally-released sessions will be interesting. But I also can't help but think that this may have been a career-killer for the band had it been released after Pet Sounds. Then again, Pet Sounds was their 9th or 10th studio album in the Top 10, and their last one until 15 Big Ones in '76. Smiley Smile, Wild Honey, Friends, 20/20, Sunflower, etc., all pretty much stiffed as far as chart action, compared to their work through Pet Sounds.

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i wonder how different this is from the all the bits and pieces that have been released over the years...and Brian's SMILE CD release a few years ago that is just stellar...it will be hard to beat Brians solo (with the Wondermints)in sound and structure methinks...of course this new/old version will have a quality that may be raw and emotional too...


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"Just because they stiffed does not mean they were not great. Wild Honey, 20/20, Sunflower,all great. "Surf's Up" is easily in my top 5...over Pet Sounds!"

Oh, I agree.....Sunflower is in my Top 3 Beach Boys albums, and I love all of 'em. All I was pointing out above was that - for every critic who rants and raves about SMILE, there's another who says it was a self-indulgent piece of drug-fueled crap, and it would have been a career-killer for Brian and the band, had it been released. The fact of the matter is - from a sales/chart standpoint, AND, for the most part, from a critical review standpoint, their career headed south anyway, even when SMILE wasn't released....regardless of how much we love 'em and continued to love their records.

And to Chris - Not sure what your point is - I don't think anyone on this board is trying to claim that the Beach Boys were anything but Brian's creation or the result of his genius.....although the band continued for one Hell of a long time as a live act without him, and were a pretty damn good one!

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LOL Chris you had to be there!! Bruce has a neat sense of humor. We were hanging out at concessions and the lady running the booth was seriously hawking her wares. She kept bugging Bruce to purchase something like a hat. He was polite, but declined the hat. The lady finally said..."don't you like the Beach Boys?" to which he responded "I am the Beach Boys". Everyone broke up laughing.

Brian is the Mozart of our time!! If you watch the film Amadeus you can't help but see the similarities!!

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