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Labor Day 2011...what are your plans?


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Okay, okay...a thread like this is started by one who is sleep deprived and has almost no sense of time, but what will you be doing for Labor Day?

I look forward to the MDA telethon and hope that Jerry will put in an appearance. Otherwise, it will be a quiet holiday weekend.

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Guest Rachan

You're hysterical! (you DO win!) laugh

(btw, I had never heard of Nicole Atkins until your post. I YouTubed a couple of her songs & my husband & I are both hooked! Thanks smile )

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Speaking of the telethon, I wonder if Billy Sullivan will perform, since he has in the past.

I wouldn't be surprised if Aerosmith's Steven Tyler makes a guest appearance. Or maybe from another studio, as well as others from The American Idol T.V. show. I've now heard him and Randy on different MDA radio commercials for the last three weeks.

I might be going to Vegas. Just missed Ira and Lew showed up there.

A friend of mine invited me for a cocktail and business. But, I probably will wait for another weekend. Otherwise it will be a barbecue, and playing volleyball or catch with a football or nerfball. And watching the telethon.

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When I was working at our local college, I always had to work on Labor Day. All my other jobs, I always had off, so I hated that part of the job. Another good thing about being self-employed; I always get holidays off! I hope you have a good day that day at work though, Carol. You nurses really deserve a break as hard as you work. I have a lot of respect for nurses, since I was in the hospital for 1 week before my twins were born and 1 week after they were born. I got such good treatment from the nurses. I liked them better than I liked the doctor's.

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