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Bahoo & the Brat moving to Ontario


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Well after 42 years in the same home, we have sold the house I grew up in, and are moving to Renfrew ontario (1 hour west of Ottawa, the national capital)....

Next Saturday the truck takes away all our stuff.

Exciting, scary, saddening, nerve-wracking and exhilarating at the same time....

Lori is going back to school and I am seeking new work for the first time in 30 years...

Wish us luck!

bahoo & the brat

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You'll be hearing "ay" alot- A hot day, ay? Good concert,ay?

Alot of great people there, bahoodore. When I was there, they were friendly. Try to go to the lake, if you can. There might be some places to listen to music, at the beach. Bring your guitar. And of course, fish-and-chips, with a side of vinegar and ketchup if you like. If you have a boat, it's alot of fun. I've been on boats there, and the big motored yachts. When you make friends, ask them where to go and what to do. Or ask them, 'Where can I play or do a concert?' Look it up, before you go.

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