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Sorry to hear that Donna - I spoke with Diane before - she's ok in Long Island - said it was very scary there and there is a lot of flooding. I don't think that Manhattan quite got what they expected but I do think the mayor did the right thing in keeping people off the streets and mass transit stopped - Brooklyn and Long Island seemed to get the brunt of the storm as well as NJ. It's very lucky the back end of the storm after the eye hit disappeared because the other side of the storm would have really caused more damage with winds and rain and flooding. You guys all lucked out!

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There was lots of rain and winds here but where I am did really well. Power went out this early morning for about 5 hours. Not bad considering what could have happened.

I hope all is well with everyone else!

Relaxing today and am going to make a big pot of spaghetti sauce. Nothing like comfort foods on a day like this.

Be safe everyone.

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Things are good here, too...wind, rain, lots of branches down in the back yard. It was not something I'd wanna go through every day, but compared to what those in the Carolinas experienced with this storm, I won't complain !

Hope everyone up north is doing ok ! Anyone heard from LC ?

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Well, Irene made a grand entrance and not a very graceful exit. Parts of Long Island got hit hard…really hard and those parts are literally under water. It hit here about 2 in the morning. I thought the windows were going to explode!! I put on the Weather Channel and heard that the worse would be at about 7 in the morning. (It’s going to get WORSE than this ??) I lost power a few times in an hour, but luckily it stayed on. There are branches all over, streets are flooded and closed, trees are down, half a million people without power and it’s still extremely windy. Mother Nature sure has been in a bitchy mood lately !
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Guest Rachan

I hate Mother Nature with every F'ing cell in my body at this point....

I am going to come back from vacation a bloated ,pale, fat, embittered,bankrupt,wino with personal space issues.....

They keep on playing a commercial for cataract surgery where some semi toothless old woman says "Now ah kin see the clock raydeeoh win ah wake up".... I want to pluck her cataract free eyes out of her head with my bare hands & run away laughing...

("Find your damn clock now..ya bitty")

My husband has spoken to so many reality people here that he has started to display an unfamiliar "twang" in his speech...

I told him I was going to go for a walk & he told me..."Why...that would be a "fool's mission" WTF? He's an italian from Philly..."Fool's mission" indeed...

The only radio show we can get is something the "Moose & Judy" show..... grumpy

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