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To Steve Jobs!


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He really did rock the world. I also use an off-brand applet. But it was Steve who started the whole idea.

It was just announced that he has died of pancreatic cancer.

I'm amazed at how long he survived. Some people survive only months from diagnosis.

I heard on the radio someone who actually attended some of his high-tempo business meetings a long time ago. Summarizing, he said that when Steve started the meetings, there was no doubt that things were happening. He was very dynamic, and everyone waited to talk when it was their turn to speak. He was a big-time mover of ideas and marketing of his products.

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I can think of many ways his life and genius affected my life. Two things right off the bat are:

My sister got to hear her last songs via my nephew's Ipod that I held and played the tunes for her.


I got to be a part of this world called ec.com as it is on going because of Bernie's Apple computer.

Oh...and may I add two more things?

I got to see the Raspbrries and meet Eric Carmen because of something created by Steve Jobs.

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A tragic loss to the world. A true genius and visionary, he was universally appreciated. People were lining up in Apple stores to express their sadness and pay him tribute.

A true titan of a man. king He literally changed the world and how it is perceived. RIP Steve.

:(--Love, heartpump Darlene

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