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"Sleepless Nights"!!


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Like many adults...I don't sleep as well as I did as a kid.

Fortunately I seem able to function well with less sleep...(At least IMHO...I function well).

I sometimes actually enjoy when this happens.

I've cooked...cleaned...once in a while call Muzza and Kiwi...FINALLY see my netflix movie....

What do you guys do when you can't sleep or wake up "bright and shiny" angry...in the middle of the nite?

(Oh BTW...Obviously...THIS is what I do sometimes when I can't sleep or wake up in the middle of the nite. smile )

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Ira...I never wake up in the middle of the night because I am too damn tired from working my job in all kinds of heat and freezing cold. Try it...it may kick your butt and you would be able to sleep for 5 or 6 six hours. wink

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I have had a hard time sleeping in the past, I would regularly go three days with no sleep!

I did get medication from the Doctor but I didn't like the idea of needing medication. Some of the herbal supplements worked for short periods of time. They played with my hormones, we bought a new bed, new blackout blinds.

Nothing was the one thing that worked.

I would watch television, play on the computer,cook, clean .... my house was spotless !

Then it just ended and I sleep fine lately

I feel your pain ,I hope you are sleeping better. zzz

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Bessie...It comes and goes...

I've been thru some REAL changes...separation... now dating...no new music from Eric Carmen grin...

The weird thing is that I don't toss and turn...I often enjoy the time...I just know that it's not the ideal pattern.

I have an appointment with my Dr. on Friday to start exploring ...rather than just accepting...these Mid-Life changes.

Thanks for your empathy.

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Your sleep deprivation just might be from all the changes you are going through. It's a bummer not to be able to sleep. Since Saturday night, I've been tossing and turning due to pain in my upper arm near my shoulder. Finally, today, my husband convinced me to see a doctor and I'm glad I did. He thinks it's Bursitis. I have to go get X-ray tomorrow to be sure that's what it is, but he prescribed an anti-inflammatory drug to help with pain and what a relief it's been. Still have SOME pain, but not much. Hope soon you will be sleeping sound as a baby. We all need our proper rest to function correctly. I was starting to feel spacy. spin

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lori...I'm gettin' worried...my mind's not thinkin' clearly...the other nite...it was late..."Go All The Way" came on the radio...and I thought Eric was singin' about The Cleveland Indians' chances to beat out the Detroit Tigers in the American League Central Division this season.

I just Gotta get more sleep! :yikes:

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Yes, Robyn. The dR. did mention if the medicine doesn't help, he may need to give a cortisone shot. I wouldn't hesitate. My mom gets them in her knees for arthritis and she's pain free for up to 9 months so far. He did explain that with Arthritis in the knee, eventually the shots won't help anymore and then she'll need knee replacement. Right now, I just want to get rid of the pain! It really hurt so bad I couldn't raise my arm highter than my waist. Even getting dressed was difficult, but you learn to do what you need to in these situations.

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I'd be interested in hearing what Dr. Rob has to say about melatonin....especially as we age. I wouldn't want to use it too often for sleep inducement because I believe it would throw off your seratonin levels. However, taken about 30 minutes before sleep..it works like a charm. I'm lucky that even a hot cup of valerian tea knocks me out. Also meditation works fo those who are "wound up" at night...especially those people who can't "turn-off" their thinking when they lay down.

Of course......per another thread.......a 30 min session with a "spinner" will have you sleeping like a baby as well. spin

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Guest Rachan


I have horrible sleep patterns. I'm one of those that can't "turn off" my thinking,as you say.

Rob had advised me to try melatonin,just as you said,about 30 minutes before bed. He said to give it two weeks to see if it had the desired effects.

I hate to take anything other than nutritional supplements,but I'm at the point I think I may give it a go...

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(Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Because Bobby Vee Retired)


And there is no cure...nor should there be!

I had to look it up again. I was wrong:

P.T.S.D.B.B.V.R. is actually P.T.S.B.B.V.R.D.

The Disorder goes on the end...in the medical journals.

Whatever it is, it's highly unlikely that Ira will get a good night's rest again...until the B.V. comeback tour.

Oh, And John's "Take Spinner-X tonight and sleep..." used to be the cure for me too.

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well..ill tell ya...i havent slept more than 3 hours at a time in prolly 35 years..

i usually sew, do laundry, talk on the phone with other insomniacs ..troll the internet.or.whatever, till i eventually konk out sleep

oh pish..who needs sleep anyway, when theres coffee to be had ? grin

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