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Oh No It's The End of the Monkees Tour


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Wendy, Diane, and whoever else attended this year - Facebook announced on Davy's, Micky's and Peter's websites that due to "business reasons" they cannot continue the tour - the giant egos have reared their ugly heads - thank god we had good shows! I feel bad for all the other fans who bought tickets and now will never get the chance to see them.

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I read on Facebook of one woman's horror story about this. When she was young, she had first row tickets to see them and got very sick and couldn't attend. Now, 45 years later, after waiting all this time, she paid a king's ransom and got first row tickets and the show gets cancelled! Ouch!

Micky just said there is no truth to health rumors pertaining to the tour ending, no truth to the boys fighting, it's just simply "business". (Word is that the remaining shows were booked without the band's prior knowledge by a different booking agent and it rubbed them wrong.) He said he will continue to perform solo, wouldn't rule out any more Monkees tours, but said it was "unlikely". No DVD or CD will be released from this tour, which is really a shame.

A side note to Bernie, who like me, is a huge fan of their "Head" album, in one of their recent shows, they performed the entire album from start to finish, then did their hits in the second half.

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I'm sorry to hear that Bernie; however, you did get to go to the Hall of Fame thing with those "other" guys to see their last show lol.

Monkees had a great audience vibe though - all those people not afraid to show that they liked the band after all these years! Plus great songs by great songwriters!

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