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Did U Love Lucy?


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On what would have been her 100th birthday this week we applaud and eulogize Lucille Ball.

Were you a big "Lucy" fan?

While you ponder this...here's a GREAT article on Madelyn Pugh Davis...a name many of you will recognize immediately from the middle of the "Heart" during the closing credits for "I Love Lucy".


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Guest Rachan

That is a great article Ira.

I loved Lucy (duh)

That was the highlight if I stayed home from school. I would get my tastycake butterscotch krimpets & plop down to watch Lucy.

My best girlfriend & I wanted to be Lucy & Viv.(Later on ...Laverne & Shirley..now we're more Ab Fab smile )

If you see pictures of her early on, she was a beautiful woman. I love the fact that she could have easily gone into the role of a sexpot & instead went into comedy.(physical comedy)

It always makes me happy when I see a woman go against the stereotype & take a chance...(regardless of what field, sports,entertainment...)

She also paved the way for Carol Burnett who I think is amazing.

She was a trailblazer...

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I agree with Rachan on Lucy's looks. I got home from the show very late last night and there was a Lucy marathon playing, so I watched a few episodes late into the night. I never realized her age, especially in the older color show with Gale Gordon as Mr. Mooney, in that she was in her fifties, but playing a showgirl a few times and looking as hot as any of the younger ones dancing next to her. Girl had some legs on her! Baba-loo! Happy Birthday, Lucy, a woman who was hysterically funny and had it goin' on!

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Lucy's timing was impeccable as a comedian - she worked hard to achieve what she did over the early years in television - Desi had a good hand in it as well, but nothing compares with Lucy.... watched all the Lucy's except for the very last series she did that got canceled. Just look at this .... great timing


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MJ-Ya know gettin' plastered in sitcoms and movies is SO cliched...and only once in awhile do you see someone do it and wring genuine laughter and originality from this hackneyed situation.

That bit by Lucy is a classic.-Thanks!

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