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Raspberries Football (fantasy) -- 2011


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  • 3 months later...

I would be remiss if I failed to sum up our fantasy football season here at our league's spawning ground, so... here goes. (And I'll cop liberally from my own summary at our Yahoo page.)

Congratulations to our new champ, Mitch, for taking the title in the sixth year of the Raspberries Football League.

A few years ago, I affectionately dubbed Mitch "The Quiet Assassin" because he doesn't make a lot of noise but is deadly in competition. This might have been his first football title, but he's won in baseball, and he's always, always in the hunt in both sports.

This season, we saw classic Mitch: He quietly snagged the championship without any huge-name studs (like Rodgers or Brees or Brady or Jones-Drew) on his roster. Brandon Marshall was about the biggest name he had, though he also had Matthew Stafford, who will get more respect after the numbers he put up this year.

Mitch overcame a lot of obstacles in winning our Super Bowl. His #1 pick, Jamaal Charles, went down early. So did #3 pick Felix Jones. Mitch also lost his #7 pick (Danny Amendola) and dealt with a few draft duds (Pats D, Hartley, Shipley). And he had a blockbuster trade blow up on him: he sent his #2 pick, Michael Vick, and FA find Victor Cruz to Harry (Tiggsherby) for Phil Rivers, who fell apart this year, and Andre Johnson, who got injured and eventually waived by Mitch. He also waived Brandon Pettigrew early (76 catches this season).

But Mitch's astute waiver-wire plays (especially his pickup of Marshawn Lynch) played huge dividends, especially when he beat Blackhawk Pat in the playoffs with a late-game TD by Lynch. And a huge key turned out to be his pickups of kicker David Akers and the 49ers' defense. It's rare that those positions make a big difference, most of us think. But the 49ers D and David Akers were putting up huge points all year and led their positions in points.

It was a great season for BeatleJay, too. Jay had an awesome draft find in Cam Newton (12th round!) and huge FA pickups in Laurent Robinson and Demaryius Thomas. He also had to deal with injuries to #1 pick McFadden, #4 pick Moreno, #8 pick Sidney Rice, and #10 pick Braylon Edwards — plus, the flier he took on Randy Moss (#14) didn't work out... So, a great bid by Jay.

John (Booyah!) and Rick (Mood Indigo) deserve congrats for finishing in the money, too. (As treasurer, I still need to get my admin tasks done!)

I'll give VOX Pop (Keith Nivan) and myself kudos for posting the league's best regular-season records at 10-3 and 9-4, but... I'll also have to retract them because we both choked in the playoffs. Ugh. I was especially disappointed after piling up the league's highest point total during the regular season. But that and a dollar will get me a cup of coffee.

Anyway, it was a great season. This has become my favorite football league (out of five) because EVERY owner stays involved all season long. The four teams that didn't make the playoffs kept battling right until the last week. There's no quit in anyone, and it makes for an ulta-competitive league. In fact, we've now had five different champs in six years:

2011: Mitch

2010: Harry (Tiggsherby)

2009: LC

2008: BeatleJay

2007: Ernie (Road Crew)

2006: Harry (Tiggsherby)

On behalf of Vice-Commissioner and Director of Recruiting Blackhawk Pat, thank you all! And we'll see you on the diamond (if you're not already playing in Pat's hockey league).


Commissioner LC

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Congrats to Mitch on winning, Jay for getting to the dance, and LC for making it all happen. How tough a league is it when the top four ranked teams all get eliminated in the first round? Great group of guys, I tell ya!

I have to say, when LC asked me to join baseball many years ago, I figured I'd try it and last a year. Now, seven or eight years later (whatever it's been) I'm in three baseball leagues, two football, a hockey, and a basketball. When does soccer start?

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