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Raspberries Football (fantasy) -- 2011


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Despite the heartbreak of... no Brett Favre, I renewed our Raspberries Football League just now. Invitations went automatically to last year's owners:

* ZAP—Joe (Dan Snyder oughta hire this guy!)

* BooyahBerries—John (Booyah listens!)

* Cross-Eyed Mary—Rick (we know Rick here as Mood Indigo; )

* Spotlights—Laura (1st lady of the RFL)

* VOX! Populi—Keith Nivan (Tom gets able help from young Spike)

* Cleveland Rockers—Mitch (aka The Quiet Assassin... always a threat, in every league, every sport)

* CRUNCHBERRIES—Beatlejay (He's gotta jump and get up on the table... and he's also sort of "West Coast Quiet Assassin.")

* GREAT EXPECTATIONS—Paulie Mississippi (He hopes to draft a few Tampa Rays onto his football team. Can Longoria catch a football?)

* Winter Dreams—Blackhawkpat (My good friend and our estimable Associate Commissioner and Director of Recruiting and Rules. :-)

* BundleAgainstCurrent—Lew Bundles (Sweet Lew always keeps us laughing... plus, he's paid up for the new season!)

* Ericagles—tiggsherby (became the 1st to win two RFL titles, dammit)

* The Go All the Ways—LC (Yours truly is hoping to match Harry's two-title status.

Our entry free stays at $20... Payment info will be on the home page of the league. Sign up now!

We have a tradition of drafting the Monday before the league starts. This year, it's Sept. 5. The "best" time I could get is 9:30 p.m., about an hour later than usual. But I'll try to adjust if Yahoo opens up some more 8:30ish times. Stay tuned.

As always, we'll call on Muzza and Kiwi to pick our draft order, at random, halfway around the world.... :-)

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First signer-up... Vox Pop, fresh off a 9-4 season (2nd-best record in the league).

His signing brings up an interesting question:

Would you guys rather keep the divisions as they were last year, in the interests of keeping rivalries intact? (Imagine taking the Packers out of the NFC North, where they belong with the Bears, Vikings, and Lions!).

The other school of thought: Let the divisional splits fall where they may, depending on when people join.

Let's get a majority vote on this, shall we? (I feel very strongly both ways! :-) Hee hee hee....

Last year's divisions:


Cross-Eyed Mary

Booyah Berries

VOX Populi


Winter Dreams

Go All the Ways



Cleveland Rockers


Great Expectations




Commissioner LC

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All 12 teams are signed up, and our draft is coming up on Monday night. I sent the team names to Muzza and Kiwi, who will randomly draw the draft order.

Thanks to all who play and make the league so much fun (and so competitive). Thanks also to Kiwi and Muzza.

However, I will admit that I'll miss ol' Brett Favre this season.... It won't be quite the same, but... onward and upward!


Commissioner LC

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Our draft order is set. This from our friends Kiwi and Muzza:

Hi Larry. Thanks for letting us take part in the Fantasy Football Draft.

Below is the "Judged Decision"!!!!

The Judges Decision is always open to a little bribery!! :0)


Kiwi and Muzza.

1) Zap

2) Vox Populi

3) Booyah Berries

4) Cleveland Rockers

5) Great Expectations

6) Winter Dreams

7) Crunchberries

8) Cross-Eyed Mary

9) Bundles Against Current

10) Spotlights

11) Ericagles

12) Go All the Ways

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