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Partial Raspberries Reunion October 22, 2011?


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Okay then...I'm thinking that this thread has officially "jumped the shark".

Get in your last thoughts if you must, but let's just let this thread fade away...before it is locked. insane


You're right Tim. This thread reminds me why I originally left the board...um before I got kicked off, that is wink

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I wasn't at the show, but I lived and breathed Raspberries back in the day and was at every show of theirs I could possibly get to then, with friends and all by myself (NOT a pun on the song!) I took in every note of music, every comment onstage and every one offstage that I could hear. I practiced duplicating Eric's piano parts for HOURS on Saturday nights and preferred doing that times a thousand to going out on a date. I read everything I could possibly read about them and have a collection of nearly everything written about them. Like many of the fans here, I talked to them as well. I left notes at CAM for their managers about how they could publicize and support the band better.

I would never purport to be an "expert" by any means, but I know them well enough that I couldn't imagine any of the bandmembers saying anything negative onstage about any of the others. Period. In all those years, I've never heard it, and I just couldn't imagine it. They may not have seen eye to eye even on many important things, but they all have and have always had respect for each other as people and especially for what they brought individually to the group and they all respected and loved what they had together, because it was indeed magic. And nobody knew it more than the guys themselves.

Anyone who really knows Wally would know that he would never make a joke at Eric's expense, just as Eric would never make one at his. Even after the toughest times, none of them would do that. They just wouldn't. The truth is, THEY can grumble to themselves or to each other and get pretty testy, but they would keep it between the band. They have way too much respect for each other to snipe at each other in front of an audience. They know they're each great enough that they don't need to.

I predicted way before I heard JohnO's explanation that it was an innocent play on words, and obviously it was an UNINTENTIONAL play on words -- something never even meant.

And when something like that happens, fans often become so invested that they get emotionally involved and a complete non-event or a mistake takes on a life of its own. The fan reaction is understandable, but can lead to a lot of angst totally unrelated to the original event.


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Hi Wendy! This is such a long thread, I just NOW read for the first time, your answering post to mine. I'm sorry I didn't see it before.

I don't know what their relationship is now, but I do know their personalities, and you're absolutely correct--Eric would NEVER say anything negative about another artist onstage--never. Especially not about Wally, nor any of the other 'Berries. He has way too much class and talent--it's just not in him to do so.

As well as I know that, I also know that Wally, likewise, hasn't the slightest speck of malice in his personality. I've known Wally and Kay since back in the day, when they were "going together." That's a long long time. He uses humor a lot, especially to defuse nervousness. What seems to be an edgy sense of humor is a defense for someone who's actually pretty shy and self-effacing. He's way too modest for the kind of talent he has.

So I absolutely KNOW that it was either completely unknowing (an unintentional play on words), or he really was using the expression "all by myself" meaning "without the rest of his band." You've got to realize he must have been nervous beyond belief, putting together a band with Scott, Billy Sullivan, Ken Margolis, so many people centered around a conglomeration of Raspberries past and present, and without Eric. Some undertaking!

Whatever came out, I would stake my life on the fact that it wasn't a negative slur or jab at Eric. In any way. They can get mad at each other, and have, believe me. But they leave the audience out of it. And Wally never holds a grudge. No matter what happened, he'd probably play with Eric tomorrow if asked. I don't know where anything stands now, but that's just what I know about each of the individuals' personalities.

They've fooled around onstage through the years, "busting" each other in good-natured silliness, but never said anything negative that they really meant, and certainly not to an audience.

By the way, you look really hot behind those drums! Can you play?


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