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Partial Raspberries Reunion October 22, 2011?


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What's this I hear that Wally Bryson and Scott McCarl are both playing on the same bill in Cleveland October 22, 2011? I also hear Billy Sullivan and Jesse Bryson as well as some former members of The Choir are also on the bill. Where? I don't know. Are they playing together? Will they be playing Raspberries TUNES? Tell us RASPBERNIE, What do you hear? We depend on you for this information.

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Alot of good things about Wally lately. And noteably he is very relaxed these days. Pleased with everything going on. He was anxious to play again. He's been getting ready for awhile.

The band that he has been involved did their first rehearsals with a few musicians on the first rehearsals. Wally, apparently is pleased with everyone's progress. Now, he gets the chance to jump in, since things have been very good. They are building up their song-list, apparently. I think Wally wants to do some of his songs, since he still writes. And that has been better, too.

When Wally did a concert with my favorite guitarist, Phil Keaggy, Phil laughed-off the bands mistakes during the concert. It was on short rehearsals, I'm guessing.

There was always a joke that everyone in the world wished they would make one of Phil's mistakes. Phil is so good, he rarely made any mistakes. Phil was often called "The Best Guitarist In The World" for decades.

I met Phil my first time seeing him in concert.

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I'm not sure about who all will be there, Tommy, since there could be more musicians later. If that date is open, I'm sure others will be there. Maybe some will be there in the audience, just to see them play.

I remember Eric mentioning about Wally a long time ago.

(My thoughts here)- It can be difficult sometimes in a band. That's any band. But there are positives-That is the playing part. The job of giving the audience what it wants. It's them who you play for. They want to hear your music.

When you thnk outside of yourselves, it will work. Some lead well. Others listen well. And some don't want to listen, sometimes. Just talking with the other person helps. And maybe that part is not about music, but about how things are going in their lives. When they know you care about them, it will help when the other person needs to listen to other things. Maybe even future concerts!

Also, I think it's Scott who still plays on the west coast now-and-then. But, I'm not sure about that.

Wally has been getting different musicians together. We'll see what else is going on, later too. He has been very active. He's doing what he likes-playing the guitar and getting people together.

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