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McCartney to wed


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While I don't see any reason for Sir Paul to marry a third time at the age of 69, though I might consider doing it to help pay for his concert ticket next week, this photo is a horrible one of Nancy. She really is very attractive and has plenty of her own money, unlike the last one, so maybe the old boy is simply in love? Hope so, for him. (I do see the Yoko look in this photo, though.)

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I know I'm being chauvinistically flippant.....but Macca.....you've lived on a farm....even a Brooklyn boy like me knows to not buy the cow while getting the milk for free. (of course....she's no cow).

Seriously though...I wish them a lifetime of happiness. Plus I HATED his ex-wife. smile Paul seems to have better luck with American women.

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Just when I got used to writing:

Mrs. Paul McCartney

Mrs. Wendy-Ann McCartney

Lady McCartney

Wendy-Ann Antanaitis-McCartney

He goes and breaks my heart! Fine!

Gosh...I can’t think of a reason not to be married again when one is divorced or widowed. I guess when 2 people are so in love and want to make a full commitment to each other and hopefully stick with that commitment and really try to make it about the other first, why not?

Love is grand. And when you find it...it’s everything.

I wish them the best of best.

And they should both sign a pre-nup as she isn’t exactly "po"...

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I know I'm being chauvinistically flippant.....but Macca.....you've lived on a farm....even a Brooklyn boy like me knows to not buy the cow while getting the milk for free. (of course....she's no cow).

LOL---It isn't "chauvinistically flippant" John...it's the truth.

Daddies around the world try to knock that phrase into their daughter's heads every day. And when using this phrase we all know that the “milk†isn't referring to going to the movies on a Friday night.

So...this begs the question:

Why do men get so upset when a gal (who every much wants to do something) knows she is wise to hold off? Chances are she's only trying to protect herself from being used and/or her heart broken. You can’t imagine what goes through our minds the second we know the offer is on the plate. It’s a clusterf*ck, unless we know it’s the right time. eye

And what guys fail to remember is...the proverbial cow is someone's daughter or sister. What if it was their daughter or sister in the same position? (I remember my brother threatened my (ex) boyfriend when he heard about him trying to have sex with me. And that night...my brother picked up a chick! See what I mean...)

It's not that we don't want to...it's that it is in our best interest to wait. We have to make sure. We do. And we know, many men would just keep getting the milk for free and would then eventually mooooooove on to the next cow.

Don't think that Nancy didn't scream (in her head) when she KNEW that Paul wanted to marry her. It's in a gal's DNA. She yearns for a commitment.

Men---we women always have to "think" one step ahead of them. wink But we still love them, madly! heartpump

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well in the first pic, theres is a little bit of resemblence to yoko. LOL.looks better in the other..

first off....he married that crazy damn girl way too soon

after linda died...4 year isnt long enough to grieve..now

hes marrying this chick 4 years after divorcing the crazy

damn girl..whatever her name is....anyone else see a pattern here?

and at his age ,why even bother?

one wife is all any man really needs and vice versa..

why dont they just shack up?

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I didn’t know there was a “time specification†on how long one has to grieve before being allowed to be joyous and in love again.

My late boss, Michael Stern’s widow started dating one year after Michael died and was married 2 years later. On that day, I witnessed the happiness in her face that I hadn’t seen in a mighty long time.

Gosh. If a man only needed one wife, then I wouldn’t be here. My Daddy was widowed almost 4 years when he met my Mom again at a Lithuanian Catholic church function. I came along 10 years later. Number 5 out of 6. I’m glad about that!

Why don’t they shack up? I suppose they can if they want. But it looks like Paul and Nancy don’t want to do that. They want to marry. Like millions of people do. I think it’s beautiful and romantic.

And I also think that at 69, even being screwed over by wifey #2 aka: crazy damn girl, if he wants to add his initial to Nancy's monogram (ok, maybe she won’t take his name but you get my drift), then he ROCKS in my book!

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Married, not married. Does it really matter, no,,,

Well...I think it does matter to that gal waiting for her guy to "pop" the question. laugh

But married or not, people can be happy either way.

I too am happy Paul has found love and whether he wants to marry or not, that sure doesn't matter to me. But I have to admit, I am that much more delighted that he is making Nancy his wife...especially after "what's her name." heartpump *sigh*

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