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"Starting Over"


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Can't sing it like Eric...But I've been thru alot of changes lately.

Marital Separation..(good thing)..Signing up Sunday Night for JDate...The Jewish site for meeting people...(2 brunch dates already this weekend.)

Last nite tho was the toughest change...My dog Styxx was adopted by a lovely couple...62 and 67 who lost their 14 year old cocker spaniel....and they fell in love with Styxx.

My dog Styxx was closest to me...but at least when Lorie and Jake were here...he had SOME company when I was gone.

Styxx has been absolutely miserable when I'm out...and I too need the ability to be out and about without feelin' awful about him.

I think Styxx and me are better for the change...But..."It Don't Come Easy".

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Guest Rachan

Ohhhh...Ira I knew you were thinking about it,but didn't know you had decided... frown

It's just like being a parent...sometimes you have to make choices that are good for them ,but suck for you.

You're the bigger man for being concerned about Styxx's happiness.

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Ira...I'm happy you are out looking for some company. I heard Hot_Jewish_Girls.com is a good site too. wink

I'm so sad to hear that you decided to give up Styxx for adoption. But sometimes one has to weigh the good and bad about their life's circumstances and do what they deem best for them and their pet.

I don't think I'd be able to give up Zemyna. But if I had to, I'm lucky that I have a whole family who love her and would be willing to take her as their own.

Anyway...keep us updated!


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I had Styxx for 7 years....Steve...EVEN I did not understand the concept that sometimes things change.

Styxx was not raised to be alone from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Beautiful Diane who arranged the adoption..(Angelina and Tony..I assure you would love to "adopt" Diane)...screens...like a good adoption agency screens.

Styxx will have a very good home with 2 people who needed him...as much as he needed them.

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Wendy...I have a whole lot of leftover lox and knishes that Styxx didn't get to eat to fete you with as I mentioned before...

I'll freeze them till September for you if only you'll "Plese Come To Edison"...'cause ya see I'm also a fan of "Hot Lithuanian Girls .Com". :yikes:

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Can you visit Styxx once-in-awhile?

Robyn...It's a true adoption..papers and everything...i'm kinda like the biological parent...and I shouldn't be visiting Styxx who needs to settle in his new home.

Thanks for your concern. :thanx:

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So sorry about Styxx, Ira. I know how you love him. But because you love him, you knew how sad he was when you had to leave him.

Check back and make sure he made the "adjustment" well. This is so heartbreaking--I feel for you both. I know that if Diane arranged the "adoption," they must be nice people.

Visit him if you can so he knows you didn't just leave him and do give us an update on how he's doing.

Changes are difficult for humans to weather. Good luck!


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