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Mistrial for Roger Clemens


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(NOTE: This is also posted in the baseball thread....)

Interesting! - The judge in Roger Clemens' perjury case in DC just declared a mistrial and stopped the proceedings, after the prosecutors ignored him regarding evidence he had earlier ruled as inadmissable.

They wanted to put Andy Pettite's wife on the stand to corroborate his testimony that Clemens had told him that he had used performance enhancing drugs. Andy had discussed Clemens' comments with his wife that day. Since she hadn't spoken directly with Clemens, though, the judge ruled that the jury wouldn't be allowed to hear her testify. Today, prosecutors were playing video from Clemens' 2008 Congressional testimony, which happened to include a remark from a Congressman about Pettite's conversation with his wife. End of trial.

A hearing is now scheduled for Sept. 2, to determine if they'll hold another trial or not. Personally, I think this first one was a waste of taxpayers' money.

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To me, this trial has stunk to high heaven from the very start. The perjury charges stemmed primarily from the testimony of 2 individuals - Clemens' ex-trainer Brian McNamee, who was threatened by the Mitchell Committee that he would be prosecuted for possible steroid distribution if he didn't deliver them a big name for their witch hunt, and Andy Pettite, who stated in his Congressional testimony that Roger C. mentioned to him once that he had used PEDs. McNamee is a clubhouse snitch who cut a deal to save his own ass, and Andy P's statement simply isn't enough to make a serious case with....unless we're talking about lying to Congress, I guess (which, to me, is kinda like stealing from Bernie Madoff!)

It's basically a he said/he said case, with neither Clemens nor McNamee very believable. Why the Govt. has wasted millions on this, I'll never know.

And it's not as if Clemens is going unpunished, assuming he is lying, and he did take PEDs. He will forever be associated with steroids, he'll never make the Hall of Fame, and his considerable accomplishments (most of which were done long before he may or may not have juiced) forever tainted....which, I'm sure, is punishment to a man with his ego, a man whom many people believe could probably pass a lie detector test about this issue with no sweat, having convinced himself he's incapable of wrongdoing....

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