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Let's Talk Our Obsession for Our Instruments


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NO NOT THAT ONE GUYS - I mean your musical gear! Today I went out and obsessed and fell in love with my new 60th Anniversary Fender P Bass - now I have 3 basses. All Fenders - all basses. Talk turkey with me guys - tell me why your babies are so important to you. Mine is very simple - I've always loved the way Fender basses looked and sounded - I know a few of you out there have way more instruments than I have - but let's hear it!

Oh and I also splurged and finally got a bit larger amp - I got a Fender Rumble 30 as well lol.

I need another room to house all these!

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Here's what I'm making noise on right now: my Gibson Les Paul Custom with a Bogner Shiva amp. Paul Sidoti hooked me up with the Bogner. It's the best amp I have ever owned. They combined the overdrive of a plexi Marshall with the clean tones of a Fender Twin Reverb. And I gotta tell you -- it sings! Amazing!

The Les Paul is a custom shop model with a spectacular flame-top in tobacco brown sunburst. It's the closest thing I could find to the guitar I owned in the '70s! I've always been a Les Paul guy, looking for those thick, beefy brown tones you can't get on a Strat. But hey, that's me!


PS: Since hooking me up with the Bogner, Paul has switched his rig over entirely to EVH equipment. That change-up started with an invitation to 5150 from Edward himself! But I'll leave that GREAT story for Paul to tell!

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Here's my new toy. I have always admired Tracy Partridge and her musical skills, so I thought...let's give it a try. It was either this or try to do the "Davy Jones-Tamberine" thing. wink

BTW...cool pic, MJ!

wendy i have no doubt you are the best triangle and tambourine player around grin

but if ya decide to add to your repertoire, ill be happy to loan you

a washboard and a couple spoons haha

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OK, I have guitars all over the house. Here are my current favorites:

(1)blackguard tele with a neck humbucker, hand-made by Rick Kelly of Carmine St. Guitars in NYC. Rick makes the best sounding/playing guitars going, for the money ($1,500-2 grand range....Fenders of comparable quality cost at least 3 times as much). G.E.Smith, Bill Frisell, Mark Ribot, Bill Kirchen, Lou Reed, Bob Dylan, Robert Quine (RIP),and Keith Richards are just some of his customers. On the downside, he's got about a 2 year waiting list if you want one - I bought this second-hand. The best tele I've ever owned...Lightweight, with an outrageously flamy maple neck. Rick's work can be seen at www.kellyguitars.com.

(2) Early '97 Fender No-Caster relic.

(3) Bill Nash butterscotch blackguard tele relic, with a 3rd pickup under the pickguard - many sounds available!

(4)'04 Fender 50th Anniversary Masterbuilt Strat ('54 relic)

(5) '59 reissue Gibson Les Paul with a chambered body - weighs less than most teles (6.9 lbs), sustains forever!

(6) a great cheap guitar - a lime-green Reverend Hot Shot Junior (no longer made), with 1 P-90 pickup. Sounds like a 50's Les Paul Junior on steroids.

(7)I also have a couple of recent teles with b-string benders - fun to screw around with.

Over the years, I've gotten rid of my old vintage instruments. Prices went way way up in the early 90s, and I sold most of 'em.

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Guest Rachan

Holy Mackerel!!!

John as Ed!!! Ed never had it so good!! That is HYSTERICAL!!!!(I must say)

John....look up sctv "half wits" on you tube..... (Lint)

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Love this thread...here Bernie..the Bogner is one helluvan amp....my buddy Larry swears by it...

My amps are Peavey, and an old old Bass amp Trayner..,

My instruments:

Young Chang Piano that cost 88$ per month when I was making 111$ per week!

With some very inspiring autographs:

Rickenbacker 6 string electric

1964 Pyramid McCartney Bass that I found in a junk store for 16.99$:

1956 Harmony Archtop that I bought at a rummage sale for 60$

I love all my instruments, and play them as much as possible...though I play bass only in a band situation....



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