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The voice of the Grass Roots silenced...


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I also saw The Grass Roots (with Rob Grill) during The Monkees 20th Anniversary Tour back on August 5, 1986 at the old Pine Knob Music Theatre (NOW known as DTE Energy Music Theatre) in Clarkston, Michigan. By the way, The Grass Roots appear in the 1968 family movie "With Six You Get Eggroll" with Doris Day, the late Brian Keith & a young Barbara Hershey which they performed the song "Feelings". Matt

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I'd add my 2 cents to all of the grieving here....except I'm not sure he's gone yet! Earlier today, Wikipedia showed a death date of "7/7/11?" for Rob, which has since been removed. If you google on "Rob Grill, death", there's no reference to his death - just a couple of links to an article from 7/5/11, stating he's near death........

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The Grass Roots site has NO update.

Since the Grass Roots were always like a franchise with changing membership...for the line-up from 2008-to 2011...they list 4 current members' names...with appearances by Rob Grill...or some language to that effect....no mention of Rob's condition.

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