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Thanks Julia for posting this..I caught the tail end of this on the news the other day but didn't hear the whole story and was wondering what was going on. This is very very sad news. I missed my only chance to see them as they played in Thunder Bay on June 18th of this year but I had to fly out that day for my son's grad. They are one of my fav all time groups. Prayers for him and his family. pray

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It looks like they have had a hard time.

This is from Top shelf times :

July 1, 2011

A health update on Rob Grill of the Grass Roots, from his wife Nancy Grill

Hi there,

Well, I have tried to post this message numerous times and right at the end the webpage expires or something and I lose it, so here I go again...Just know it's been a really tough time for The Grill family.

Many of you know that Rob's son Christian died in August. Then my brother, Richard passed away in December and then 3 weeks later my mother. It's like our whole family is gone!

Rob and I thank you for all the prayers, thoughts and kind words during this traumatic time. I know that you are all concerned about Rob's condition and were waiting for some news. It's not good...

I did not want to release anything yet because I was advised by the Dr.s and Neurologists to wait until all the tests were completed and the results were in to determine an accurate diagnosis.

When an artist such as Rob, who is in in the public eye is ill, it is important to respect his privacy and wait for the facts before releasing any information. I don't know why I wasn't contacted to give you the answers you wanted. I would have been happy to talk to you. Let's communicate better from now on. I know I will.

Unfortunately, While we were waiting for results, second hand news circulated, and heresay that was not checked out was reported. This information concerned friends, family, band members and business associates.

Well, it's water under the bridge. Let's talk about Rob.

Rob fell 3 weeks ago and it was thought he had a subdural hematoma again. He was taken by chopper from Lake County where the CT showed a

brain injury (EBI)subarachnoid hemorrhage which is a rupture in the layers of the brain. The did an angiogram to check for an aneurysm which was negative, but he also has pneumonia which is why they put him on a ventilator. He is breathing on his own though so it's not life support, thank God!

That same night he had an Acute Brain Injury (ABI) which is a stroke in his cerebellum. He suffered another in a differt place after that so he really needs our prayers. Send him all the positive light that you can, OK? He has a feeding tube in his nose and he has been in a self induced coma.

I've tried to wake him up, get him to move his feet, anything, but the only thing he's done is yawn and cough. Monday he opened his eyes slightly but they were fixed and did not make contact or track a light or finger. So he's critical, but stable.

I meet again with the Dr.'s this weekend. Until then, It's in God's hands. Please pray. Thanks so much for your support.



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Wow...I saw the Grass Roots last summer in Ocean Grove N.J. and word had it..that Rob had survived a stroke sometime prior to this performance.

Rob was inspiring...It was obvious that he was not in top form but he soldiered on and was quite good.

Later signing CD.s...again it was obvious that one hand was not completely a.o.k.

When he first came on the scene he was such a handsome young California dude...and I mean that with the utmost admiration...(I wanted to be him or Jan or Dean or any of Three Dog Night)...and their catalogue of hits was SO awesome...

"Deep in the darkest night (Rob)...I send out a prayer to you". pray-G. Harrisson.

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