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Alice Cooper in Dark Shadows movie


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Hmmm I personally have two favorite campy actors of the show ... the first and foremost is always Grayson Hall - if you notice every time she'd try and overact she'd twist and slap around her grey gloves she always was carrying - and then she uttered the funniest line I ever heard because she forgot her line - she said to Willie - "I will check on you .... periodically.." and that was no where near what she was supposed to say at least in the context of that particular conversation.

The 2nd favorite campiest actor - DR LANG OMFG ..... when Dr. Lang was dying I was cracking up literally - .... "if Adam lives......then Barnabus Collins... will be ........ as he was............ BEFORE... aahahahahah. That guy was a real hoot to watch.

The campiness of it now is endearing - it's probably what drew me to watch it in the beginning in 1966.

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Ah! great job, Pretender! It's a dream project when the wacky libs don't have any speaking parts... wink Can you tell me why the chick is hopping around when there is no rope tied around her legs or feet? or did I miss something?

By the way, every dollar of the high production costs are right up there on the screen...as we say in Hollywood.

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