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Jane Scott...RIP


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Yes, this is very sad. She was a virtual legend in the business. I remember reading her articles in The Plain Dealer way back in the '70s. What a lovely lovely lady. She must have covered every musician who ever played in Cleveland.

RIP Jane. You will be missed and remembered by so very many.

:(--Love, heartpump Darlene

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Here's the story behind this photo:

Taken June 16, 2006. While backstage with Eric and Jim at Bruce Springsteen's Blsssom gig we ran into Jane, who was always a Raspberries and Eric Carmen fan and staunch supporter. I suggested taking a pic of the three of them, which thrilled Jane. As soon as I took the pic I just knew it was a "keeper".

I just visited Jane about two months ago to this day, on her 92nd birthday May 3, 2011, and gave her this photo framed as a birthday present...wow. Rest in peace, Jane.

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Gosh, I missed this news until today, somehow. I've just been running around too much this month. But I'm very sad to hear of Jane Scott's passing. Not having grown up in Cleveland, I didn't get to read her as a kid or as a teenager, but later, when working in the music publishing business, I got to know her name and occasionally see her work. What great enthusiasm for music... and she was such a great champion of Eric and the 'berries. RIP, Jane.

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