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I liked Hoss' personality. I like a fun dude with a big heart.

yep...couldn't help but love that gentle giant..every woman should have a hoss wink

to me little joe..was...well...just cute as button..but not a man yet..

adam..well he was just an arrogant sob haha

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I vote for Adam as well.

Hoss isn't smart enough,little Joe is too........little haha

BETH!! hahahahahaha

if adam floats your boat, thats cool...but are ya trying say hoss

was stooooopid?

i think he was just smart enough, he just preferred not to flaunt it.

and he woulda made a great honey do-er...dont recall ever seeing

adam get his hands dirty.

course i never did see the career change coming..woulda been nice to have

dr. in the family too grin

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Jarrod! smile

big valley....yeah now i have to agree with ya on that

jarrod was a little cutie

but lee majors looked mighty in all those walking away scenes

as heath spin

seems every male in the world had a crush on linda evans

character audra

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