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My computer is sick

Carol in Pgh.

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Having major issues with my computer so right now I am on my son's. Doubt I will be getting mine fixed (my son said it would probably cost around $200) and with what I just shelled out for my car and the expense of my third child headed to college (all three will be in), that will be hard enough to keep up with.

I will not be on much at all anymore unless I can sneak on his once in a while.

Everyone here is great and I will miss talking with you.

See you when I can.

Love, Carol

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Guest Rachan


It's none of my beeswax, but that's never stopped me before!! smile

First off, I would just tell my kid "gimme your computer..I need to use it!"...you're putting a roof over their heads & getting them through college...it's time to do something for mom ("If momma ain't happy,Nobody is happy!" at least in my house spin)

Seriously though...If this is where you socialize & something you look forward to (Like the rest of us) Best Buy, probably even Walmart etc has no interest payment plans . I'm sure you could pick up an inexpensive laptop with very minimal monthly payments.

When your car broke, you found the money..if your fridge broke down or your kid broke his glasses, you would somehow find the money.

Find the money when it's something for YOU.

You work hard & shouldn't always be the one to go without.

(I'm not being preachy here at all...you just need to throw yourself a bone every once in a while!)

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sorry to hear that.

what kind of problems are you having with your puter?

maybe its something that you can fix yourself?

i have found many "geek" type help sites over the years

that have helped me solve my own puter problems and i am anything but puter literate.

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Guest Fresh

Carol....go to Wal*Mart and spend $20. on a software called "System Mechanic" by iolo technologies. It has never failed to fix my computer problems, short of component failure.

It's really worth the effort.

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Guest Fresh

Ah, the old Wally-Bryson-I-should-have-gotten-cowrite-credit-on-GATW-revenge virus has maimed another ec.com member computer...

I thought Bernie found a way to block that one off the site...

Tony, you are an absolute panic....and I love it!! hahahahahaha

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