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and as far as being out of anyones league, well just lemme

tell ya...unless they are freak of nature or sompin..everyone

puts their drawers on the same way laugh


I've have never understood being intimidated by someone because of their job, social status, the way they look, or if they know more than me about something. To me, there will always be someone who knows more and has accomplished more who I can learn from.

And I too have done a lot in my life and have expertise in certain areas and I'm fine with that.

We should embrace the differences in each of us and not be intimidated by them.

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hey Wendy, i too miss those debates! AND i am by no means a good debater! BUT i give it the old college try! even though i never went to college! MAYBE one day, there will be a reunion of sorts with those debates. WE could call it REUNION DEBATE DAY! or WEEK! or LONGER! i learned alot of things i never knew before from the gang here. spingrin

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