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Am I the only one answering this question from family/friends, when I'm asked about EC.com?

To my EC.com family:

I want to express feelings that have been eating at me for a long time about this site.

This may seem to some of you as silly and self-serving, and I apologize if my thoughts on this thread come across that way. That is not my intent. I'm just wondering if others can relate to my experiences here. And, I apologize for the length.

Even though I visit other sites, this is the place where I'm most comfortable. In the short time I've been a member, this place has become my "home" on the 'net. My very 1st search, on my very 1st computer was "Eric Carmen". I've spent time as a frequent visitor here since Bernie's humble beginnings, with his "Labor of Love" declaration and the intro to "Sunrise" playing, with a photo of Eric, on the "enter" page. After feeling so alone in my devotion, for so many years (decades), I was so elated to discover someone else like me, who loved Eric Carmen! Bernie, I gave you the biggest, most heartfelt cyber hug, and I still do!!! :thanx:

In the last 10yrs or so, I've lost everyone who has been the closest to me, except my husband (Thank goodness!).

I've been the caregiver for their needs during their illnesses, and those of you who've experienced this know how hard that is, and the pain involved. I always came here for a pick-me-up type of outlet for my own emotional stability, so I could remain strong for my ill loved ones. I want to thank you all for that. :thanx:

Though I've always enjoyed this site and the members here, I was also reluctant to become a member. I was impressed...and intimidated, by so many members who are intelligent, "white-collar" professionals. I am a regular, "blue-collar" working-stiff, and I felt a bit uncomfortable with the notion of becoming an actual member, kind of out of my element...so to speak. I was feeling timidly inferior.

But, just like everyone else, the loss of my loved ones has left a lonely void in my life. So, I decided to turn to the place where I've felt so at home, and I finally registered here as a member.

Since joining:

I've gotten to know some truly wonderful people, and the "intelligent professionals", who intimidated me so, have turned out to be some of the kindest, most considerate, and funniest sweethearts I've chatted with in a long time.

I've learned a great deal about computer techniques from some of our computer "brains".

I've developed very close friendships with a few very special people, whom I will love forever.

Now, as well as before I joined, I've been able to share with all of you the unbelievable experience of getting to know Eric, the man behind my beloved artist, with his own involvement here. I never dreamed I would EVER have this opportunity. Eric, I love you, and I thank you! :thanx:

And, as always, I can count on a few good laughs during my visits. Tracy, Booyah John, Rob, Robin, Reid, Miriam, Paulie, Tony (yes, Cartmill!), and others here frequently make my stomach hurt from laughing.

This is just a message to let all of you know how much you've come to mean to me. As I stated in the beginning, this has been eating at me for a while, and I hope I have expressed myself adequately. Just want you to know you've been a very important part of my life.

Silly and self-serving? Maybe.

Just telling my family I love em'!

This is a family! happy

Love, heartpump


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Kim...what a beautiful post. We are lucky on this board to have Bernie (the creative genius) pull all of us together via the unifying thread of ec's music. Isn't it also enriching having so many people, with diverse backgrounds, chatting about such different subjects and perspectives? I love it!

There are some incredible discussions about music, politics, sports etc. I have learned quite a bit! I feel our site would make for a fantastic giant dinner/cocktail party (although I'd lock the bedrooms and hide the good wine, scotch & vodka) spin.

I value all the posts here and marvel at the people behind those posts. Along with a few other information/work sites, I swing by ec.com several times daily.

I know that ec.com is Cartmill's favorite site........... at least his favorite site while wearing pants above his ankles. winkeye

Finally....we clearly all love ec's music. How friggin' cool is it to have the actual artist comment on all things, not just his music? It's like Christmas morning each day here at this site!

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Guest Fresh


What you have written here echoes my feelings exactly.

I belong to 2 or 3 other sites, but this place is home.

I have made friends here with some of the finest people I have ever come to know.

A website is only as good as the members it attracts, and we have the best members of any site I've ever been exposed to.

I hope that we are able to congregate and interact here for a very long time.

Well said, Rocky!

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Guest Rachan

That WAS a beautiful post from a beautiful person! (and a damn funny one at that! smile )

OMG!! How fun would an ec.com cocktail party be?!!!What to wear ,what to wear?!!! I'm sure Steve would wear those pants from high school that he still fits into....just sayin' is all.

There are a couple of people here who have a DELICIOUS sense of humor & I know I would enjoy their company immensely.

Even though this place has been a tad slow lately, it's still great to watch the interaction between people you feel you've really come to know & like.

Something as simple as a birthday or a family event (be it happy or sad) & everyone chimes in with well wishes or support...it IS very family like.

Sure, there seems to be particular roles played out: The big "letter sweater" popular star athlete..(John)..the intelligent scholar type (Rob)..Master of all musical knowledge (JohnO).The smartass (Tony)

..the southern belle (Elle)..the wise sage (Ira)...the hot mama (Wendy)spiritual advisor (Highwayangel)..the shoe wielding italian beauty who takes no sh*t (Diane)..The big lug with a heart of gold (Giro)..the kind hearted animal activist(Kim)...the cheerleader (Robin)..Happy go lucky guy (Reid)..Natural beauty (Val)....Bitch (me)...and of course the angry black sheep who shall remain nameless...(Hollies)oops...

Anyhoo....I Love this place & you're all stuck with me!

Thanks Bernie!


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Kim, you have said it all. I wish that some of the posters that I first met on here would come back. Some people I thought I wouldn't like, turned out to be some of the best people I would want as real life friends. It is also nice to have people in the same age bracket going through some of the same things. When a health issue comes up, or how to deal with your kids, or relationships. I have even had help with how to use the computer, and not feeling stupid to ask a question. I have even had a few good laughs when I needed a lift. I remember thinking I wouldn't have enough to say to get me to 26 posts for membership status. LOL!


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Guest Rachan


I was just out watering my tomatoes & realized I forgot to include James!

What shall his role be?? story teller,sexy leg guy....Gassy one (haha)

You pick your title James smile.....

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Thanks Tracey, I'm pretty humble if truth be told, so it's hard for me to pick one.

I'm not alone though.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this, but there are several humble persons of history that were not comforable accepting accolades from their peers:


Jesus of Nazareth

Marcus Aurelios (humble Roman Emperor)

St. Francis of Assisi

James of EC.Com


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Well, ok, I guess..

But don't forget, I was in the headlines of the local newspaper recently! That's a pretty big thing.

Not for my legs. Not because I'm brilliant. Not because I'm in good physical shape. Not because I write great poems on EC.com.

It was just because I went swimming in a local pond!.

It was big news.

Coincidentally the same day I went swimming (after a night of eating White Castle hamburgers) all the fish in that pond died.

That's what the newspaper reported.

What a coincidence!..

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Fun aside..

Good place this is. The personality of EC.Com ebbs and flows witht the in and out of new and old members. Sometimes I'm more into it than others.

Anyway, here are some other key members that come quick to my mind that haven't been mentioned:

Hollies - keeps the place humming.

LC - fun, interesting posts always, can make words come alive better than any person on this board.

Kirk - #1 EC fan I think. A pillar of this community.

Darlene - she's The Darlene-lama (nuff said!..)


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That's the great thing about the internet, Kim.

It's like were all neighbors.

Some humour, ala Seinfeld style.

The scene is that everyone is talking, but they keep hearing someone named Kim talk. That's you, in the scene, with the iconic idols.

Elaine: I hear something

George: Is that your imagination?

Kramer walks in: I finally got my adapter for my lap-top computer

Kim: Over here, over there

Jerry: Who's the guest?

Elaine: Alright, George. Where is she?

George: I could have sworn she left last night

Kramer: Where is it?

Jerry: I hear it, too. It's over there

Kramer: Ah, my computer was underneath the couch cushion.

Elaine: Talking?

Kramer: Oh, that's a Youtube video playing. It must have begun playing, when George sat on the couch.

George: I thought that was a different voice... Than the one I heard last night.(He raises his eyebrows, and gets the computer).

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Guest Rachan

Darlene...I'm a giant turd...

I forgot both you & Chris in my ec family description!! shocked

You would of course be the musical virtuoso

(Right now Chris would be the guy limping around!)

But usually he's "lol" laugh

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just want to tell you that i enjoy reading your posts.

and as far as being out of anyones league, well just lemme

tell ya...unless they are freak of nature or sompin..everyone

puts their drawers on the same way laugh

i found this site quite by accident while watching one of those

late nite infomercials (gag)..guy was hawkin some old records.

leo sayer was one of the artists mentioned.

im thinking what ever happened to that big haired boy..so i google...then i think, who had bigger hair, leo sayer or eric carmen?....so i googled again and now here i am and a little

bit addicted to this site... wink

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Thanks so much for such a well-articulated, heartfelt post!

Isn't it nice to have a little place to come to where such caring, intelligent people gather...especially when the stressors of everyday life seem to overwhelm us sometimes?

I know I don't post everyday, but rarely a day passes when I don't check in to see what's new in Eric Carmen Land! It's such a comfort to enjoy the friendship and camaraderie with other great people here who also share a true love for the music of Eric Carmen heartpumpheartpump .

Kim, the very first time I saw your screen name, BlondeVelvet LuvLove , it caught my eye (wonder why grinwink?). Then, after reading your first few posts, I knew I was going to like you, and that you'd fit right in here.

You know, we all come to the table here from different walks of life to share each of our individual talents and contributions, resulting in a delightful mix of salty, savory, sour, and sweet elements...Finally ending in one deliciously unique family experience!

Key word here being FAMILY.

Welcome to the family, Kim!

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First of all, thanks to James for the mention. I never make anyone’s list! Back at ya, buddy!

EC.com has been the one constant over the last 15 years or so where I could count on finding like-minded people to share my thoughts on the music of Eric and the Raspberries. Without Bernie’s dedication and Eric’s contributions, I would still be surfing the net wondering what was going on with my favorite artist!

I suppose if I’m totally honest, I didn’t really come here looking for another family or more friends. I came here to be closer to the music of Eric. I have a great family, and don’t have enough time to devote to them. Likewise, I’m afraid most of the friends I already have are sorely neglected.

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum…a lot of these like-minded, somewhat rabid fans turned out to be pretty cool people. I’ve met several at Raspberries concerts- and the dinners before and the parties after. I’ve met some great people from other lands. Found common ground in hobbies. Good stuff!

I’ve also seen a lot of them get their feelings hurt. Several divorced. Some lost their health, their relatives or even their lives. They hurt. I hurt. Bad stuff.

It’s inevitable- there will always be ups and downs when it comes to friends.

Darn! More friends!! That wasn’t supposed to happen- but I’m glad it did.

Now, if only I had more time…

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I haven't had the chance until now to check in & catch up. I must say I'm completely overwhelmed by all of your responses.

I'm pretty much speechless, & a little teary-eyed (happy tears!). I thank all of you for being so sweet and receptive as I "spilled my guts" to you. Thank you! You're the best! heartpump


Now, back to the "list" tangent!

I love it!! laugh

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I’m like Kurt. I have my friends and family but I too have discovered new friends because of this board. And like a family, I feel that I can wake up, say hello and just see how everything is going with the folks on line here.

The only reason I came here is because someone brought to light that there was an “Eric Carmen†message board and I had in fact, just met Eric Carmen. So I joined and posted. I didn’t know he (Eric) posted until I started to read the board. In fact, I didn’t know he even knew 1 + 1 =2 until he started in on the “debates.†All I knew was, when I met him, he made me laugh and was ever so cute! Like “Paul McCartney who?†cute.

I guess what I am trying to state is...I didn’t know that “said artist’s†intelligence broke the proverbial ceiling. *SHATTER*

Funny and cute all wrapped up in the same package is sooooo extraordinarily wonderful! Extreme intelligence however, is the cherry on the whipped crème icing of a scrumptious red velvet cake! Something you just can’t wait to taste. A total “turn on.†It doesn’t get better than that, folks.

Once those debates started...I really got into this board.

Whereas I liked to post all over this place...the debates are what got my mind going and I really started to THINK about why I believe in what I do and question things even more in my life. I like that. I’m happy to say that my mind has been expanded and I am a changed person because of it. Not drastically mind you, but I do take time to process what others believe and what I believe and why. It’s a good thing.

I miss those debates. They were really an everyday collection of thoughts and feelings and strong faith that the folks here wanted to convey and that were truly enjoyable.

I truly like this board and the people who are on it. I suppose I never thought I wouldn’t like someone on this board. I pretty much figure I can get along with anyone if I so choose, and if they choose to do so back. Being friends however is something that is a totally different territory. And the cool thing is...I have made friends here, and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ones at that!

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