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Mom's Gone


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Thanks to every one who took the time to offer condolences on the death of my Mommy. Funny, but each day her loss gets easier to bear. Yes, there was a bedside skirmish before her passing, but knowing Mommy as I do, it would have amused her.

At this time, I am reflecting on all that she taught me, all that she told me and just living my life in a way that she can continue to be proud of me.

Her only living sister, who is also my Godmother, stayed with me in my home beginning on Wednesday afternoon. She and I had a lot of really good laughs about things she and Mom did when they were kids and even adults. I know her pain is far deeper than mine only because they were extremely close all of their lives. Funny, but when everything happened, it was her I turned to and said "Well, now I am an orphan at almost 50". She told me that I was not an orphan and that on this visit she gained another daughter, a son in law and two grandsons!! She is right!!

Because Mom was such a community activist, a memorial service is being planned for Saturday, July 30th. As for the disposition of Mom's cremains...1/3 are mine, 1/3 are Auntie's and the final third are my sisters.

Yes,I did apologize to my sister for speaking to her harshly at Mom's bedside. Yes, I did offer the apology at the mortuary and yes, she did not speak to me but chose only to "mad dog" me. Well, as I am learning, life does go on and there is no room for foolishness regarding anyone's passing.

Anyhoo, thank all of you again for the friendship, love, happiness and condolences!!

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Miri, I just read this, and I'm so terribly sorry for Mommy's passing. She truly is happy in the glorious presence of God with her parents and siblings. And she's left all the suffering behind, thank God.

The important thing is that she loved you and knew how much you loved her. We're all only "on loan" to each other because no one lives forever. So what matters with each of us is the love we share while we are here together. And you had mountains of it with Mommy. She's at peace now, as we all will be someday.

The pain of loss never goes away, but it does change, and in time the precious memories you shared with your Mom will comfort you and bring you peace. And the candle of love that burns in your heart for her will ALWAYS shine brightly. You now have the best and most tender Guardian Angel watching over you. And you are in my prayers and so is Mommy.

Love you.


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