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Great Personal (maybe boring though)...


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Yesterday evening I was in the office screwing around a little when I heard a loud thump on my window. I looked out and saw a bird (robin) lying face up in the shrub by my window, its eyes twitching and appeared to be about dead. It obviously had flown into my window HARD and was a gonner.

The bird, when it noticed me staring at it. quickly and in kind of a panic move rolled onto its front side. It seemed to be a nerve thing you see when living things are about ready to die.

The bird's eyes were now away from my gaze and it was looking down into the shrub its body was resting on. It was motionless, its head pointing down into the shrub.

I thought it was dead or close to death. I even considerered going outside and putting it out of its misery. I decided against it in the long shot case it could somehow survive. I thought there was virtually no chance it would survive, but the fraction of a chance was enough.

I actually prayed for the bird. Its condition hurt me more than these things normally do. I'm not sure why.

Anyway, about an hour later I looked out and saw that the bird had fallen from the shrub but was now standing on its feet at the base of the shrub. It wouldn't move but it was standing. It had its eyes closed and seemed to be trying to get its head/balance etc. together. I knocked on the window to see if there would be a reaction and the bird did turn its neck and stare at me. Good sign.

Another hour later I looked out the window to check on the bird and saw that the bird was now standing in the grass outside of the shrub area. This was progress, though it still had its eyes closed and seemed to be struggling to find its mind.

Fast forward to this morning: I come into the office and look outside and the bird is gone. I walked outside and looked all around and the bird was nowhere to be found. It surely flew away and survived!

To me the bird was as good as dead after it hit my window....there was virtually no doubt....it was lying flat on its back, eyes twitching, seemingly paralyzed and minutes from death.

And it came back and survived.

How cool!!

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Ah, James, so very sweet. (And yet another reason all the girls love sweet, sensitive, beautiful James.) smile There is NOTHING boring about this story. It's great!

God evidently thinks you are important, because He listened. Sometimes all it takes is one person's prayer, to move mountains. It sounds like that sweet little bird was finished, until you prayed.

This speaks directly to my heart, because you did exactly what I would do. God gave life to "all creatures great and small," and He cares about them. It reminds me of St. Francis of Assisi, who loved animals, and who was especially close to God. God loves those who love his helpless creatures, and you surely built up a treasure of grace for yourself in that simple, sweet act of prayer for this bird.

A THOUSAND MILLION CHEERS FOR YOU, JAMES!!! You are truly the salt of the earth, and a lot of milk and honey too. In fact, you ARE a "honey." king

I'm SO happy for you--you must feel SO good! I do too, after hearing this story.

Love you! heartpump


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Bless you, James, you are a sweetie! God does answer prayer. I can't tell you how many birds and baby bunnies my daughter and I have taken to a vet who treats wildlife nearby. We had a baby squirrel about a month ago that was motherless. It's eyes were open, and we called but it was a Satuday night and they told us to hang onto it till Monday morning when we could take it to a wildlife refuge. Unfortunately, it died before we could take it. We both cried. To us, it was a great loss!We keep its picture on our entertainment center stand. frown

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