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Sit By Me, Eric Carmen...


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...and let me talk at ya for a second.

now, what i want ya to do is record an instrumental cd...not

that i dont enjoy hearin ya sing, cause i do, but i really enjoy hearing you play piano

none of us are spring chickens anymore and daylights burnin

so hop to it! :D

if its been done already and i missed it, then point me in the direction

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well, good grief charlie brown..am i the only person on this whole daggum board who thinks this is an EXCELLENT idea??? now, ive got 25 bucks saved up in my cookie jar to spend on this daggum thing..if ya aint gonna, lemme know...so i can go on over to wally world and spend it elsewhere

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I too hope that EC's been busy creating something new, perhaps all instrumental, to add to his repertoire of beautiful music.

On the other hand maybe he just wants to enjoy life away from celebrity for a while.

I realize that he has a private life, but I do miss his contributions to this site.

BTW have you heard his "Everything"? It's instrumental second half is absolutely sublime and the intro to "Sunrise" is majestic.

Of course the long version of ABM has an impressive interlude that is mostly missing from the usual short version played on the radio.

You may already have heard these but I thought I'd mention them just in case you hadn't.


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