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Hi Everyone..I have been MIA...

My Hubby had a Heart attack in the beginning of May, he ended up having a Quadruple Bypass..

This came on all of a sudden...he had what he thought was indigestion, turned out it was his heart, anyway he is home recovering..I am playing Nursemaid.

He will be out of work until the middle of July...after 40 years of smoking, He finally gave it up..the day he went into the hospital.

He is only 51....His blood sugars are under control(He is a diabetic)and he has lost 18lbs....I am in control now smirk ...I told him if he dosn't listen to me now, I'll throw his a$$ out wink

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Be firm but in a nice way about his medical needs... too much anger or stress ain't good for the BP or the ticker!

Glad to hear he's recovering and hope he has a long and happy life with you... and you with he! laugh

Paulie...we have been together almost 29 years spin and it has been quite a ride...He knows what I do, its out of love....and he is finally ready to make changes in his life that I have been asking him to do for years grin

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