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EC.Com Get-Together!


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I got a beautiful phone call today from Tommy Tunes...

He arranged a conference call.

I won't list others on the line for fear of leaving someone out.

The gist was that annually there's a Music-Fest in Clark N.J.

Last year it featured.."Spoon"..."Train" and "The Zombies".

This year it appears to be the weekend of Sept. 16th.

I'll keep you posted...But "Wouldn't It Be Nice" -(Brian Wilson)..to have a "Weekend At Bernies" type get-together that weekend?

Details to follow in the coming months.

Tommy..You're a Mensch...an upstanding guy...Your call meant alot to me.

So alla you out there...let this idea simmer as details flow in.

I can help y'all manuever "Priceline.Com Name Your Own Price" "Hotwire" etal...as this becomes a reality.

BTW...I'll make the Matzo Balls for the weekend. wink

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The Tommy Tunes phone nappings are back!

ALWAYS interesting and fun !!

Count me in on the get together !! It would be great to see some of my EC pals again, and to meet those of you I haven't had the pleasure to meet yet !

Great idea, you guys !!

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Guest Fresh

Since I live 5 minutes away from the location, and have attended the MusicFest for the past 5 years, I am most definitely IN!!! coolhaha

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Like John I'll know more in August, but it sounds like a blast.

I'd love to meet some of you goof balls!..



If James goes, then how can I miss it? I have plenty of YouTube vidoes to bore him with.

All kidding aside, It looks like I'll be heading back east near the end of Sept. If so, perhaps I can see some of you then...

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Art...late of Cleveland...(if I remember correctly)... AND Utah.

(And I DO remember correctly that he is a great guy...)

Man this is gettin' exciting....I'm ALREADY adding to the number of Matzo Balls I'll be preparing.

If West Coast Wendy comes...I'm gonna have to bring my Fajita recipe up to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!!! hypno

(BTW...Princess DianaD...who taught the world about Priceline's Name Your own Price at Raspberries' Cleveland Final Concert is thusfar conspicuously missing.)

Diane...New Jersey JUST built it's first hotel AND we're learnin' to read AND make use of fire for cookin' and stuff...so "Come On Down"! smile

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