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Hey Eric!


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Hi December25. My name is James. I'm a member here. I'm pretty cool, at least that's what people say.

Anyway, I have a question. Are you really Jesus?...disguised as an EC.Com new member?..

I think you may be. Thus I wanted to tell you something.

Tony Cartmill (the guy who posted above) has been a bad boy. He has.

Why you ask?

Well, for one, he disagreed with me a few times (can you believe that?..).

But even worse, he makes fun of you and God's most beautiful work of art (Hillary :heartpump:)..! He makes fun of her butt. I hate when he does that, and I (James) always stick up for your amazing creation Hillary.

Anyway, welcome to EC.Com.


Your Favorite,


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december25 said:

Why is Tony Cartmill a bad boy?

Why does the sun go on shining?

Why does the sea rush to shore?

Why do the birds go on singing?

Why do the stars glow above?

Many a question that only Skeeter Davis may have the answer to.

Welcome December 25---

Be careful of James. He runs a harem and chicks dig him. We can't fight it. For he is a magnet and we (chicks) are steel.

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