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I loved MAD and bought them constantly when I was young. I loved Spy vs Spy. I remember one item that struck me so funny for some reason, I couldn't stop laughing. It was titled "Why Nobody Has Any Fun at Parties, (because the introductions take too long" and there were two pages crowded with people at a party, with bubble captions of tons of introductions. Most of the names rhymed (Fanny, Danny, Manny and Lanny) and it was confusing, plus all kinds of shenanigans going on, but the turning point came with the arrival of two guys named Max. After all this, two guys at the bottom say to each other, "Let's leave, this is boring." "Yeah, the same old faces."

I also loved their famous "greeting cards." Loved Don Martin. Thanks for the memory lane post, Kirk.


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This one is for you, Darlene! The greetings cards with inclusions! Out of the dusty recesses of my mind comes an example of just how warpped I was by MAD Magazine. I still have some of them committed (yes, the right word) to memory. F'rinstance, the greeting card with a little extra for that over achieving neighbor...

Your lovely shrubs, your lush green lawn,

Are such a joy to gaze upon,

That they've inspired my loving spouse,

To beautify our grounds and house,

So now I spend my leisure time,

Seeding, weeding, spreading lime,

Raking, aching, black and blue,

And friend, it's all because of you,

So now I pause mid puff and pant,

To send you this, a little plant,

I hope you won't think it's rash of me,


Tee hee hee!

Obviously, Martin, Berg, Drucker, and all the rest had an impact on me that has lasted forty years. I can't remember today's date, but I quote still quote those Neumanistic fiends! eye

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Where does my sarcasm come from? Al Jaffee's 'Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions'

I used to have a couple of books of these... collections I guess from the magazine.

My all time favorite, and forgive me if it was in a "Cracked" and not a "Mad", was a little "pull-out" thin vinyl record that had an "episode" of a show they called "Gall In The Family-Fare"... a rip off of "All In The Family" of course... featuring "Starchie Bunkehill", his wife; "dingaling", his daughter "Gloriaski", and her husband, "Meek"... and featured an appearance by Archie's "old war buddy..." who turned out to be Adolph Hitler, who; when asked "Where the hell you been all these years?", replied "I've been alive, und vell, und living in Argentina... just like the old joke..."

By the end of the episode, the "network tv guys" had decided that they wanted to do a spinoff with Adolph in the lead... titles suggestions included "Furher Knows Best"... but they settled on "Dolph In The Family"...

(You can tell that I listened to that waaaaay too many times in my formative years!) laugh

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Guest Fresh

I'm right there with all of you...huge fan since age 10!

I would buy it almost every month with my paper-route money!

It made my father angry as hell(big deal, EVERY F'ING THING made my father angry as hell). He hated seeing me read MAD magazine! haha

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These posts are so great! I'm LOVING them! Bring back so many old memories. Marathon Mama, I LOVE those sneakers!!!

The greeting card was great. I also remember one from the NY Philharmonic players to the management:

"Other unions have their woes, but us, we haven't any

If we walked out you'd only have our music stands and Lenny

The threat of automation fills us with no fears or qualms

'Cause automation just don't work with Mozart, Bach and Brahms"

I thought that was so funny I kept it in my memory box.


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Where does my sarcasm come from? Al Jaffee's 'Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions'

One of these had a guy in a car that had crashed into a tree...A bystander asks, "Have an accident?"...the guy in the car says, "No thanks, just had one!" haha

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