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I Can Remember - Why It's Not In My Top 20


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To revive this old thread... and to quote myself from the "Hindsight" thread... You made a compelling argument, PaulMaul, for a shorter version of the song. I would actually enjoy hearing such an animal — maybe we can get one of the talented musicians here to take a crack at it (Blackhawk Pat?), keeping in mind all your suggested edits.

Of course, I will always love the original long version, but it would be interesting to hear an alternative.

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I probably over analyze songs sometimes too.

I tend to like long masterpiece type songs ala, "2112", "The Last Resort", "Long Road Out of Eden", "Funeral For a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding", "Hat Trick" ..etc.....and "I Can Remember" falls in this category too.

"I Can Remember" is The Raspberries best song. It´s their best song fundamentally because I love the melody and instrumentation beginning to end, and the song moves me, moves me a ton.


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I've been thinking about the song a lot lately. I bought a cheap Yamaha keyboard, and am trying to pick out the piano chords through the middle part of the song.

Right after the big transition; the piano is playing the "memories, melodies - summer breeze, autumn leaves..." part.

Anyone got any ideas? I'd really appreciate it.

I'm learning major/minor chords via Youtube lessons. What a world these days.

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Hi Paul! You are extremely savvy in your musical knowledge and I wouldn't try to change your point of view. ICR is what I've always called "Eric's Opus." It's magnificent and grand, a veritable symphony in its own right.

I was so taken with it upon hearing it for the first time, I was starstruck. It's beyond beautiful and my point of view is that it's absolutely perfect (and brilliant) as it is. For me, every part of it is necessary. It paints a picture in my mind from beginning to end, so I'm not examining its structure from an analytical point of view.

Usually, and usually for me also as a violinist and musician, function follows form as content follows structure. But in this case for me, the content is everything. I feel the structure followed as a result of what needed to be said/sung/played.

You put forth your points clearly and well. As for me, I could never imagine changing a thing about this beautiful masterpiece.

And it's one of my 3 favorites too.


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There are "jam" songs that are mostly endless soloing, such as "Layla" or "Light My Fire" or "Free Bird" which can be chopped down to the basic song(which it has been done for AM radio). Then there are the ones you can't really edit(i.e. "Bohemian Rhapsody")

"I Can Remember" sort of falls in between these two. You can probably chop off a few bars here and there, but once you get beyond a certain point, it will lose any sense of continuity, especially with the changing dynamics of the song.

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On 3/12/2013 at 3:05 PM, Don H said:

Love this song. I love the way Eric constructed it in so many movements...and the way that it builds. I find it to be one of his true masterpiece works.

Bump. I always thought this was an intriguing thread, and PaulMaul is one of my favorite ex-posters. And Don H. is another great one. (PaulMaul and Don, c'mon back!)

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