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The Nazis's invention

Mick Jagger sees the movie â€Triumph des Willensâ€(Director Lene Riefenstahl)

15 times or more,

and he said to have learnedBerta Helene Amalie Riefenstahl、have learned the technique

in which a fan is fascinated from Hitler's performance.

Moreover, It is said that David bowie Bowie commented

"Hitler is Rock Star", seeing the movie.

The sound equipment called PA system is also one of the invention of Hitler.


There are more interestings example is introduced.

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That sounds like a FASCINATING book, Aventurine.

I know the Nazis were pioneers in political marketing and the utilization of new technologies (airplanes, radio etc) to push their message.

How they got a great people like the Germans behind them would be a fascinating subject to study in depth.


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Life Magazine's new issue of Dick Clark, And the History of Rock 'n' Roll. By chapters, with multiple photos:

Introduction: The Music Man

As Dick Remembered It

"For Now, Dick Clark...So Long"


In The Hall

"It's Got a Good Beat and You Can Dance to It"

Rockin' the Box

It Wasn't Always Pretty

Farewell...to A Friend

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Bob Dylan will receive the highest honors medal for all of his work in music.

Also, Bob and Maureen McCormick ( of The Brady Bunch T.V. series ) once attended the same church.

The story that I heard on the radio is that, one day, Bob's girlfriend, who also attended the church asked the pastor's to come out to visit her boyfriend. And out walks Bob, interested to learn about his girlfriend's faith. Bob then became quite a student, attending classes. And finally, writing some memorable songs from his learnings.

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Just happened to see this one:

USA Today, Special Edition- The Beatles

The 50th Anniversary Of Rock's Greatest Band

Sold separately from the main stories.

Even Pete Best is in it- The drummer before Ringo. Ringo was considered to be excellent in studio records, thus the replacement then. But Pete has played, still (The Pete Best Band).

Photos of the sons- Julian and Sean (Brothers), Dhani, Zak, adn James. James is quoted about a recent controversy to play. He clarifies to say that he was thinking about playing with Beatles family friends, nothing more. [The controversy was over using The Beatles name, in their band].


By the numbers- 600 millions albums sold, plus Grammy's.

Moments- When Paul met John. July, 1957

Film Credits- From A Hard Day's Night, to Let It Be


Best Songs

Worst Songs

Solo Careers

Pullout- Chosen by readers, a keepsake Illustration[ Guitar with The Beatles, With Album and Songtitles

Best Album- The Debate amonst fans

Controversies- Quips and Blips in the headlines

Lexicon- Words and vocabulary like Yeah, yeah...

The Wives Clubs

Musical Legacy- Following in Dad's footsteps.

Family Connections- Charting their careers

Where Are They Now? Artists, associates, and advisers

The Death Of John And George

Continued Influence- Catalog, Vegas Show, and video game

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Wink- I know who you are talking about, aventurine! Our James.

Nancy was introduced to Paul at her second cousin's parties, Barbara. Paul kept wondering, 'Who's that? [My words] and got to know her over time, and dinners.

Stella has become quite a designer, and many celebrities have worn her styles

There is a Pete Best DVD- The Fifth Beatle, if I recall correctly.

Also, Julian and Sean are half-brothers. I still say brothers.

Ringo has two concerts, soon.

Dhani Harrison's second album is out on July 31st.

His band is called, thenewno2 written that way in the special edition. Dhani also contributed to The Beatles video game.

I like the fact that James McCartney believes in his first CD, The Complete EP Collection. He previously had Digital only releases, Available Light And Close At Hand.

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Some of the best books to read are sports stories, which movies are made from.

The Big Miss. A golf book about the pursuit of perfection, personalities, and the golf instructor. And trying to give your best advise. His most famous student being T W, by Hank Haney.

And also from a magazine about animation, that I lent to a friend who studied that in college. I read quickly, and I think it said that industry made 55 to 57 billion, last year.

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It sounds interesting, Mar. When next we see you, you'll probably be able to tell exactly what we're thinking. smile

I'm reading some really enjoyable musical murder mysteries by Paul Adam and Gerald Elias. Some have titles that reflect musical pieces or composers, or musical ensembles. Finished "The Rainaldi Quartet" and am moving on to "Paganini's Ghost" and "Death and the Maiden." They're all set in the world of musical performance--my favorite place to be.

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Just beggining to read, "The Soudtrack Of My Life", by Clive Davis. He mentions Eric, whom he does respect, he said. Clive preferred Eric to co-write. Bu, Eric signed-on with another label instead. He wanted Eric to be an Elton John, with the same appeal to audiences.

Thee are hundreds of artists mentioned, as well as albums, songs, etc.

Next book to read during Easter is a new book "The Vatican

Diaries", by John Thavis. The behind-the-scenes stories of politics, power, and influence in the world.

The entire interviews by Rolling Stone Magazine of Bob Dylan, put into one issue to read.

Two of the Beatles write-ups, their latest from months ago in two magazines.

Guitar Magazine, with Orianthi, The Queen Of Shred, who was featured on Michael Jackson's "This Is It" DVD.

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Sounds interesting, marlene.

Contributing editor of more than 30 years, to Rolling Stones Magazine, is Anthony DeCurtis. He earned a Grammy Award for his essay of notes for Eric Clapton's album, Crossroads. He holds a PhD in American Literature. Author of In Other Words: Artists Talk About L and Work. Coeditor of Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock and Roll.

Orianthi has been touring with Alice Cooper, for the last year-and-a-half. She says ist's like Halloween year-around. With a front-row seat

Also, in the April, 2013 issue of Guitar Magazine, with Orianthi is the band, are stories about Jimmie Hendrix- How he was on the verge of transforming music, once again. Comments by road manager Al Marks, Engineer Eddie Kramer, Drummer Rocky Isaac, and Bassist billy Cox.

More stories about the band Rush, and The Grateful Dead, also in the same issue. With four songs for guitar and bass. One by the Grateful Dead, "Uncle John's Band".

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I just picked up Mitch Albom's Five People You Meet in Heaven, which I wanted after having read (finally) Albom's Tuesdays with Morrie.

I delayed reading Tuesdays because for the past several years, I've had my own similar relationship — Fridays with Ozzie. I met Ozzie Sweet, the great photographer who notched more than 1,800 magazine covers, through my work in 1994. We quickly became friends and went on to collaborate on two books (with a third in the works). Since around 2006, it has been a monthly or twice-monthly highlight for me to drive up to Maine (around 75 minutes) to visit Ozzie and his wife. I admire his work immensely and always will, but while reviewing so many of his images and gaining an understanding of how he worked, I came to admire him as an inspiration and mentor. My parents are even greater inspirations and mentors, so I've been lucky in that respect.

Anyway, the last time I saw Ozzie was on Feb. 16. Just four days later, he passed away at age 94. That's when I decided to finally read Tuesdays with Morrie. Not surprisingly, there's so much of what Mitch Albom wrote that really hits home. I guess the big difference is that after Albom took courses taught by Morrie at college, 17 years passed before he was in contact with him again — and by then, Lou Gehrig's Disease was taking its toll, so he had only 10 or 11 visits. Thankfully, my time with Ozzie was more consistent and regular, and it lasted a good, long time — though it's never long enough.

Anyway, on to Five People You Meet in Heaven.

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I just finished a history on the Bacardi Family (Cuban Rum family).

The book told the history of the family, but more than that it told the history of Cuba through the family - through their adventures, trials, tribulations successes, and the eventual looting of their business by Fidel and Che.

The Bacardis had supported Fidel´s insurgency and his government early in its tenure. But their assets were still confiscated without recompense.

A great book and the best I´ve read on Cuba as it told the story of Cuba from an objective perspective with no right or left-wing precepts. Just the straight story on Cuba´s history.

It did not change my opinion on Cuba but mostly affirmed it. There are pluses and minuses to The Castro Regime but overall it has been a disaster in that it has sucked the freedom, dreams and ambitions from the heart of its people. You can´t be a man in Cuba, you can´t plan your own life. You can´t reap rewards due you and you don´t have the liberty to fail.

Cuba had a reputation as a free and joyous nation with gregarious people who loved parties and were a (in a healthy way) very festive people. That was Cuba´s soul. And Che and Castro gutted this element of Cuban culture.

During the Cuban missile crisis they also advocated bombing the U.S. with nuclear weapons, knowing that this act would wipe every Cuban off the map.

Nice judgment.

If during Castro´s reign you were homosexual, a beggar or any other outcast type there is a good chance you would have been deported to a labor camp.

And lastly, if you exercise too much freedom (freedom of speech, freedom to create, freedom to advocate for change etc etc etc).... you will be imprisoned, deported or killed.

Thumbs up for the book.

Thumbs down for Fidel and Che.


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