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Any Pink Floyd Fans here?


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I love the pre Dark side material. The first 5 albums. The obscure stuff that doesn't get played on the radio. I love the song The Nile Song best !!! Also Careful with that axe eugene. Live at Pompeii I love so much especially the song with the dog singing.

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I'm with John P on this one, altho they can't make me tired of Dark Side no matter how hard they try. Saw Floyd 4 or 5 times and also Roger Waters twice in the last 3-4 years. The first RW show was awesome as the first half of the show was random Floyd and solo stuff, including Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun, and after intermission, he did Dark Side from start to finish. The more recent show was well done, but I'm not that much of a fan of The Wall.

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I've been "burned out" on "Dark Side" for quite a while, due to years of radio overplay. But it definitely will fall into favor once again, due to its greatness. Took me a while to listen to Creedence and Simon & Garfunkel again, for the same reasons.

Personally, I like the Syd Barrett days best, in the beginning. But also enjoy "Comfortably Numb", "Wish You Were Here"........as well Gilmour's "Live in Gdansk" two-cd set.......actually the live versions are more "fresh" to me than the studio versions of the same songs.

Unsung heroes of Floyd, though, came from the Beatles........Hurricaine Smith and Alan Parsons behind the board!!


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