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Wha'ts Your Sport of Choice?


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We also like Figure Skating and Gymnastics. Everything to do with grace and skill.

Sports we like to play basketball, baseball & softball. The latter usually result in a trip to the batting cages or just playing catch. Also, we love Skeet and Trap shooting!!

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I'm not a huge sports fan and I will give up my ticket to my sons and their friends if they want to go.

We go to most of the Heat,Dolphin,Marlin games, only a few Panther games.

The Heat have had a good year, last year we couldn't even give the tickets away - nobody would take them.

I hated when my youngest wrestled in high school ,loved track and the swimming and have sat through too many Capoeira,Taekwondo and what ever fighting thing they have been into - but they are male .

I did play lacrosse and still love to watch my nieces command the field.

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Guest Fresh

Rob be liking that half-naked spiking!

It also proves that even sports can get Rob's mind off the prize!

I shutter to think how he "adjusts" his hot female clients.

"Um, excuse me doc, but what does my neck pain have to do with you massaging my ass?" :twitch:

Tony, you should be around when I call in Angelina John as a consulting physician and we perform our special "three-way" treatment!!! hahahahahaha

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FOR ME it has always been football, but right now i am so uptight with all these greedy modern day players and owners. DID either side ever suggest, HEY lets get this done for the sake of the FANS??? They dont care about us fans, millions and billions and zillions of dollars is still not enough for them. SO NOW they launched a COLD WAR with their fans. SOMETHING they overlooked, but will find out when they decide to return.....

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